Glorifying Sexual Abuse

A week from today theatres will open their doors to an audience that is hungry for a new genre in the film industry: the glorification of sexual abuse. If you’ve been sucked into the “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomena, I hope you’ll listen to my appeal and read next week’s posts with an open heart.

The story of Mr. Grey and Anastasia is not a redemptive story of true romance. It is a dangerous step into a world that demeans and exploits women. I’m providing a few links below to get us started with this discussion. I hope you’ll check out Tim Challies’ post, listen to Dannah Gresh’s heart, and read the first chapter (providing the link below) of Pulling Back the Shades.

Last year I took a week on the blog to feature the book that my friends, Dannah Gresh and Juli Slattery wrote in response to “Fifty Shades” and next week we’ll revisit those posts. If you have friends who are planning to see the movie or have read the book, I hope you’ll share the posts with them (or send them a copy of the book: Pulling Back the Shades).

Click here to read Tim Challies’ excellent post: 7 Lessons from Fifty Shades of Grey

Click here to listen to Dannah and Julie as they speak on the Focus on the Family radio program about the danger this form of erotica poses to families. Click here to listen to day 2 of that series.

Go to this website to read (or listen online) to chapter one of Pulling Back the Shades.

Watch and listen as Dannah highlights one of the dangers of the “Fifty Shades” phenomena in the video below:

Wouldn’t Reading Fifty Shades Spice Up My Love Life? from AUTHENTIC INTIMACY on Vimeo.


  • Margie

    Thank you for these resources. Thank you for discussing this topic in light of God’s word and HIS design for us.

  • Linda Chase

    God Truly blessed me with the godly man I was intended to have and hold for 48 yrs. Today would have been his 69th birthday. He totally loved and cherished me and I do not need anything else to filter into my mind. He meet every need I had and now the Lord Jesus Christ is mine to love and cherish and meets every need I have. ( No erotica needed here.) Thank you Lord for loving me so much that you shared Larry with me for 48 yrs and continue to allow me to love him and You until I see YOU in glory.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you, Margie, for your encouraging comment. I hope you’ll pass on these resources or today’s post to your friends ~

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Precious Friend, so good to hear from you! We loved your Larry as well. God used him as a faithful witness throughout his life. I know you miss him so much. You have our love and prayers ~