Marriage Rescue

If you’re a regular here on the blog, I hope you don’t mind how often that I talk about the gracious work God did in our marriage. I know I mention it a lot, but it is one of those God-things that I’ll never get over. I can’t begin to adequately describe the dark and miserable pit of hopelessness I’d reached.

We existed as strangers under the same roof until God mercifully stepped in and began His rescue operation.

If you missed yesterday’s broadcast of our story that aired on “Focus on the Family” I hope you’ll check it out. Today is part 2 and you can listen online by clicking here.

Also, if you’ve never seen our marriage video, I’m posting it below. I hope you’ll share it with others who may need some encouragement.

Pray about watching this video or listening to the program with your husband. It may be that God would use this to open some needed conversation. If He does that, I hope you’ll be prayerful, and communicate your heart with honesty and humility.


  • Vicki

    Caught the program both days. It was good to hear your story again. Thank you to you and your husband for being so real! God has used your testimony in my life and marriage, and I know He will use it in many others.

    You are one of my mentors, along with John Piper and a few others. There! You were just mentioned in the same paragraph with him again!! ;). God truly has used both of you in big ways in my life!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Vicki ~

    Thank you for this precious word of encouragement 🙂

    You are one “beautifully fierce” woman in my life!

    Hope you had a worshipful and meaningful Easter celebration, friend ~