Why Are we Headed to Brazil?

Sorry, I know we’re in the middle of posts on marriage right now, but I just had to interrupt and ask you for some prayer support, again!

Today, I’m flying with my precious friend, Paula Hendricks, to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where we plan to share the Word with anyone who will listen. We’ll be sharing with students, moms, various churches, women’s groups, and teachers.

Pray that we’ll be sensitive to how God wants us to serve the hurting and spread the gospel.

A missionary couple is hosting us, and the believers there are so excited that God is sending us at this particular time. They are almost finished translating TW 101 into Portuguese and they see this visit as God’s sovereign and gracious timing. They’ve shared with us that women in Sao Paulo are hungry and there is a huge need for solid teaching and good resources on biblical womanhood.

If I’m able to send some updates, I will, but I’m not sure how the Internet will be where we’re staying. Even if I can’t connect, the website administrator (love you, Molly Sipling!) will be faithfully uploading blog posts that I’ve prepared for you in advance of this trip.

Here are a few things you can be praying for:

Travel Mercy: And I mean MERCY. Pray that we make all of our connections and ask God to cover us with His protection as we navigate in a foreign country, Ask God to give us spiritual sensitivity to those around us while we travel.

Physical Protection: Both of us are not known as the most healthy of gals : ) I have celiac disease and Paula had a nasty hospital stay last year that was quite scary. Ask God to protect our bodies, the food we eat, our ability to rest, and pray for our physical safety. We also received word that it is a good possibility that we’ll be exposed to mosquitoes that carry “Dengue Fever.” The missionary who is hosting us was very ill with it in March.

Would you pray that the mosquitoes are NOT interested in our American flesh?

Paula and I would really like to bypass that sickness (also called “break bone fever” because of the intense pain), but if in His sovereign plan, He thinks it best that we suffer physically in some way while we’re there, pray that we’ll be gracious and give glory to God in the midst of it.

Spiritual Protection: Whenever you’re serious about spreading the good news about Jesus, you can be sure you’re not doing it in a vacuum—you’re in a spiritual battle. Please intercede for spiritual protection for us, as well as for those we’ll be sharing with.

Translators: I’ve spoken through translators in other countries, but I’ve never been to Brazil, so this will be a first for me. Please pray that when we speak through translators, that we will work as one unit, unified by the Spirit, and communicating effectively together.

Spiritual Anointing: Ask God to go before us in opening the eyes of the spiritually blind, by preparing hearts to receive His Word. Pray that God will take His Word and use it to set captives free. Ask the Father to rescue souls from the domain of darkness and transfer them to His beloved Son’s kingdom.

Okay, interruption over, we’ll return to marriage posts tomorrow!

Will you join me in praying?

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  • Priscila

    I’m so glad you’re going to visit my hometown São Paulo! I will be praying for your safety and blessing as well as Paula’s. I have never commented on your posts before but I have been very blessed by your book Fierce Woman, and I also listened to you on Nancy’s and other radio shows. About the mosquito don’t worry here in South Florida we also have deadly Mosquitos also but thank God we are still alive! Haha just be careful in what places you visit. São Paulo is a huge city and you will find the gorgeous places as well Not so pretty ones. It all depends which neighborhood you will go. I recommend you if you have a free time to bust Ibirapuera park, it’s like our “Paulista Central Park” you will love it! have a blessed trip. Priscila

  • Pauline Butler

    Praying for you and Paula and the women in Brazil. The Lord brought you to my mind yesterday, so I lifted you before His throne of grace. Our True Woman event is taking place this evening and tomorrow. Praying that all that is said and done will bring glory to Him. Blessings~~Pauline

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Joining you in prayer, Pauline! Looking forward to hearing all God will do there in Rockport. Thank you for interceding for us, friend ~

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello Priscilla!

    Thank you for leaving such a precious comment. I am LOVING your homeland and the people here. So grateful for your prayers. May God speak to our hearts ~

  • Sandra

    Praying for you and Paula. SO excited about what God is doing there! Trusting Him to do wonderful things in the hearts of many women and teenagers this week!

  • Rebecca Einwechter

    Thanks for your words on forgiveness. I don’t know if I’d be breathing today without Matt18! I realize I must keep humbling myself constantly to receive the grace to live in the land of forgiveness, rather than the land of hurt, anger, and bitterness…Praying for a fruitful time there in Brazil. What a wonderful opportunity!