Is Revival Coming?

There have been very few times in my life where I’ve experienced such an awareness of God’s tangible presence as I did this past week in Sao Paulo. Thank you so much for supporting us in prayer. So much was happening (and I had such infrequent Internet access) that I’ve had little opportunity to be online and I was unable to send you updates (or respond to all of your comments, so sorry!).

I’m still processing a lot of what God did, but one thing I know, He showed up in ways that I’ve not witnessed in a long while. And I’m so grateful that He reminded me that “HE is able!”

The wilderness of doubt is the most dangerous place for anyone to wander, but it is easy to enter that wilderness when it seems we’re not seeing God answer prayer, not seeing Him at work, and seem to be losing the spiritual battle at every point. I’ve spent far too much time in that wilderness.

God was gracious to remind me this week that He is well aware of the requests I’ve been lifting, and He is on the move (whether I recognize it or not).

Next week, I’ll share with you a few stories of what God did in Brazil, but I confess, I’m not able to put into words all He did. In one word, last week was: amazing. I witnessed women and students respond quickly to the gospel and it gave me an even greater passion to see that happen here. I’m begging God to bring revival to the American church in my lifetime. I’m crying out to God to not let my final years be wasted with the trivial, but let every breath be filled with glorifying Him.

Five days after landing in the U. S., I’m traveling to Austin for a women’s event where I’ll be sharing my heart with the women of High Pointe Baptist. I’ll be speaking this evening and twice on Saturday. I’m on my way there now!

Will you pray for us?

Please pray that God will meet with us and instruct us. 

We live in a day noisy with the clutter of false ideas and loud, ungodly, rhetoric. Women are confused and in need of truth. Men need a clear vision of God’s calling on their lives and courage to flesh that out! Marriages are failing, children are walking away from the faith, and women are drowning in a sea of lost dreams and hopelessness.

We can’t fix this, but I know One who can.

What is the answer?

Our only hope is a mighty, mountain-moving, earth-quaking, nation-shaking movement of God.

I’m asking Him to do this.

I’m asking God to bring revival.

Don’t misunderstand me when you read the word revival. I’m not talking about an old-fashioned tent meeting, or church event on the calendar where people come, have an emotional experience, and leave without measureable life-change.

When I use the word: revival, I’m talking about a revolution of mind and heart that so affects a group of people that there is no mistaking they’ve been radically transformed by God! 

A God-Centered Revolution where:

♥ People cannot get enough of the Word of God—they hungrily devour it, memorize it, meditate on it, and then (what a novel idea) they actually APPLY it to their daily lives!

♥ Employees view their place of work as their mission field and live out their Christianity with integrity, graciousness, a God-centered work ethic, and sincere hospitality.

♥ Marriages are healed and transformed—never to be the same again.

♥ Gossips repent and use their mouths to speak truthful, life-giving words.

♥ The next generation is fueled with a passion for Christ.

♥ The cynicism of the age begins to close its mouth in wonder over God’s obvious work in people’s lives.

♥ The older generation lives with a commitment to be fruitful to their dying breath.

This is what I dream for. This is what I live for. This is why I’m traveling again today to share God’s Word. I am only one simple speaker in a world of voices, but I pray God meets with us. I pray God moves in our lives this weekend.

I’m asking God to ignite the fire of revival.

Will you join me in asking for that?

Will you pray for us this weekend?

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  • Peggy Campbell

    I can’t wait to hear more of God’s transforming work on your recent trip. I join you in praying for revival, may it begin in earnest in my own life! Prayers for your weekend. May God refresh you and strengthen you for all He has laid before you, for His glory!

  • Nicole

    Praying for you this weekend. Praying God hears your heart and answers your prayer for revival. Praying He fills you with His Spirit, wisdom and gives you the words to speak. Praying He touches every hearts there and opens them to receive and understand and apply His Word. Praying too it begins in my own heart and life. Thanking God for you and your encouraging posts.

  • Kevin king

    This is what I believe too. I think it’s time for the church and its people to take back their marriages it’s time for God send revival. We need to reclaim our churchs for marriage.we personally decided to take that stand.To see what God can do with one married we totally give it back to him

  • Jennifer

    I think when the Church starts believing what God has said about her and really understands all that Jesus’ death and resurrection accomplished for her, we will see revival. Faith is what moves God’s heart and I believe He is waiting for His bride to take Him at His word when He says that we are righteous, we are set free from sin, we are alive in Christ, we are under no condemnation. When we start believing what God has already said, our actions and obedience will line up and God’s Spirit will not be grieved. We will see the fruit of living like we are already in the promised land, rather than being in the promised land, but refusing to believe it!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you so much for praying, Peggy! It was a sweet time with the women there. Your precious women come to mind often. I hope you are still seeing evidence of God’s continued work within your church body.

    May we see a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit on the Church that impacts our culture for His glory ~

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Nicole ~

    Thank you dear friend for your prayers! God spoke to our hearts this weekend and you had a part in that through your prayerful intercession. Thank you for your encouragement and support 🙂

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Amen, Kevin! So excited about how God will use your testimony of what He’s done in your marriage! 🙂

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Wow, Jennifer, I think you’re right on target with your comment! “When we start believing what God has already said, our actions and obedience will line up and God’s Spirit will not be grieved.” So very true. May God give us grace for faith that will impact our culture!