The God-Formed Heart

“Oh God of the open ear . . . Give me a heart frameable to thy will; so I might live in prayer, and honour thee . . . Let me know that the work of prayer is to bring my will to thine, and that without this it is folly to pray” (Valley of Vision).

You can replace the old English rendering of “frameable” with the word: “formable” or able to be conformed. That’s what I want, to have a softened will and heart that is easily conformed to God’s heart. That doesn’t come naturally, it only comes from abiding closely, knowing His heart well.

Jesus extends a beautiful invitation in John 15:7, the opportunity to unite our hearts in prayer with the Almighty:

[box]“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”[/box]

What an awesome thought! Uniting my heart with the Almighty. Being one with Him through abiding in Him. Having my will united with His in truth. Being one in desire, purpose, intention, mind, motive, heart, and spirit . . . in order to pray effectively.

There is a moment when I make this connection with the transcendent God, the Holy One invites me into His presence, and our hearts and desires touch, meeting in unity.

This is when I know I’m praying on holy ground, when I’m confident of the outcome—because my will has become aligned with His.

His Word has informed and instructed my praying, and my heart has conformed to His. At that point of connection, all else fades away as temporary and unimportant, and His reality stands alone, commanding my full and undivided attention.

Let’s accept Jesus’ invitation. Let’s unite our hearts with the Almighty and then ask whatever we wish. Let’s ask for Him to accomplish what is on His heart, His agenda. Let’s ask Him to give us hearts “frameable,” moldable, pliable to His will.

The Beautifully Fierce Woman grabs the hem of God’s will and doesn’t let go. That begins with opening up our hearts in prayer, seeking Him for direction and clarity, and once we’ve surrendered to His plan, we “grab on and hang on” no matter what!

Will you pray with me? 

Please feel free to record your prayers below.

Adapted from my post on the True Woman Blog 09.09.2010

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