Embracing the Change

Transitions can be exciting because they offer new opportunities like unexplored territory, but they can also be frightening, because whenever you enter foreign terrain you’re never really sure about what you’ll find around the next bend! My husband and I are entering new territory and a new season. We’re joining our church body in stepping into a transition period that requires personal sacrifice, faith, courage, boldness, and a greater dependency on God than we’ve ever experienced.

Remember the night terrors I had recently?

Some of those threatening fears were related to this transition. Transitions carry with them the potential for loss and difficulty, but I continually remind myself that, “Anything that causes us to depend on God in a greater way is a good thing.” (That’s a Nancy Leigh DeMoss paraphrase.) And what encourages me the most is reminding myself of the providence of God.

When we entrust ourselves to God’s care, we have no need to fear, He will direct the course of our lives!  

You may’ve seen this verse referenced so many times on graduation cards or church signs that it sounds trite, but don’t miss the significance of this promise:

[box]Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. (Prov. 3:5–6)[/box]

The comforting assurance from this passage is that, He is the One directing the course of events in my life when I’m seeking Him and walking in obedience to His Word. I do not want to follow my agenda;  I don’t want the responsibility of charting the course of my life. I want the One who can see the end from the beginning, who knows my every need, and has a plan for me to glorify Him, I want that One directing my every step.

He’s invited us to walk with Him in uncharted territory and I’m thankful. 

It may not be an easy ride, but with Him there is never a dull moment! What looks like a mountain to me, is no problem with God! The fearful circumstance that takes my breath away is actually an opportunity to see God display His power and glory!

Are there any transitions happening in your life?

How is God inviting you to trust Him right now?

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  • Julie Musil

    Kimberly, I know that whatever it is you’re embarking on will be wonderful. I look forward to hearing about it on the blog.

    In this season of my life, I’m absolutely learning to walk in faith not by sight. Faith is what’s giving me peace and joy. Although what led me to this place wouldn’t be a “good” thing, I’m learning that there’s a beautiful silver lining. My new walk with God.

    Thank you and best of luck on your new adventure.