Is God Seeking You?

Maybe you’re like a friend of mine who was in the searching phase. She hadn’t yet met Christ and when I told her that He was seeking her; wanting to capture her heart, she asked how I could know that.

If you’re reading these words now—that in itself is a signal that He is seeking YOU!

Did you stumble over this blog by “accident?” Did you click on a link and then another link and “somehow” end up finding this site and reading this post?

I can assure you that God led you here. Why? Because He is always at work—even when you are unaware of it. You may not yet realize this, but if you’ve ever considered God’s existence or have been “searching” for truth—in actuality—you are being sought out by God Himself. He is the One who is seeking to reach your heart.

Scripture tells us that men are so “lost” they don’t even seek after God on their own initiative, but as He begins to draw them to Himself, they respond to His drawing (Romans 3:10–18, John 6:44).

God created you, is aware of all your past history, is completely aware of every thought you’ve ever had, every impure motive and action. And with all that information, He still wants to pursue you. He knows and cares about what you’re walking through today.

He cares about where you are right now and He’s trying to get your attention. 

He continually puts signposts in our lives to point us to His reality. Signposts like: the beauty of creation, our conscience, the historical evidence of Christ’s life and resurrection, the testimony of those whose lives have been changed by entering into a relationship with Christ.

This website serves as one of those signposts.

God has lots of signposts! He communicates to us by revealing Himself through creation (Romans 1:20; Psalm 19:1-6). Just as when you look at a beautiful painting and that gives you some indication of the personality and ability of the artist—in the same way looking at God’s creation masterpiece gives us clues about God.

As we observe the wonder of the heavens, the beauty of a sunset, the power in a thunderstorm, or the splendor of a waterfall, we’re seeing “signposts” of the genius and intelligence of its Creator.

God has also inserted evidence of His existence within us by giving mankind a conscience—that innate understanding of justice, morality, and right and wrong (see Romans 1:18–19) that we’re all born with. However, most foolishly ignore or reject this knowledge of God (Romans 1:21–23, 28– 32).

Amazingly, God has also revealed Himself to us by coming to earth in the form of man—Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:1–4; Colossians 1:15–23; John 3:16–17).

Yes—God sees you. He sees all you’ve ever done, just as He sees and knows every wicked thought or action of mine—and the unbelievable (yet true) thing is—He came in order to pay the penalty for our wickedness, in order to cleanse us that we might have a relationship with Him and ultimately display His wisdom!

He is seeking us for His glory!

That truth blows me away.

If you’re interested, read Romans 5:6–12, 18–21 to see how it occurs.

If you are searching, I hope you’ll continue until you reach the place of rest. That place is found in truth.

And truth is found in the person of Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

God is graciously pursuing your heart. I pray you will see His redemptive, loving and merciful character. I pray you will come to know Him and experience all He has for you.

Oh, and my friend who was in the searching phase? Yep, He captured her heart. And she can’t stop telling others about Him.

If He’s found you, please share with us your story. I’d love to hear it!

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  • Julie Musil

    Kimberly, he has FOUND me! Oh, my goodness. This morning he revealed to me such a beautiful gift. I’ve been searching for answers in a difficult season of my life, and wow, did he ever show me an answer today. And the beauty of it is his perfect timing. I wasn’t ready for the fullness of the answer before today. I’ve been marinating in this revelation this morning with such gratitude. I’m babbling and probably not making sense, but just know that yes, I was led to this blog for a reason. It was a major piece to a puzzle that is going on in my life right now.

    Wow, wow, wow.