America Has Caved

Everybody seems to be jumping aboard the same band wagon. The one that seems to be growing larger and louder and threatens to boldly obliterate any opposition. And now that our highest court in the land has ruled, it looks like our nation has capitulated as other societies have. It’s nothing new.

The people of Sodom caved.

Rome caved.

America has now caved.

Standing for God’s truth is always difficult, typically unpopular and often lonely. I may sound like I’ve given up hope—I haven’t. I just think I see the handwriting on the wall. We’ve pushed God out of every public institution and now we’re removing His foundational model and building block for society. Since our nation as a whole no longer acknowledges God, He may have given us over to our own desires.

To the readers of this blog, where I stand on this issue will probably come as no great surprise:

I am opposed to same-sex marriage. 

When I say I’m opposed to same-sex marriage, I don’t mean I’m opposed to individuals who earnestly desire what they see as their justifiable right. They may see me as their personal opponent, but I don’t oppose them. I understand their desire to have the opportunity to marry whoever they choose and see the union sanctioned as acceptable, normal, and welcomed in society. I’m really not opposed to those individuals.

I am opposed to same-sex marriage. 

I’m not opposed to freedom of choice (God isn’t opposed to freedom of choice obviously, or we wouldn’t be having this discussion; we wouldn’t be struggling with sin). I’m not opposed to love (true love, that is, I am opposed to selfishness camouflaged as love).

I am opposed to same-sex marriage.

I’m not opposed to same-sex marriage because of the individuals who have demanded that it be legalized. I’m not opposed because I’m a “homophobe” or a hatemonger or because I like to push people’s buttons. I am opposed to same-sex marriage because it stands in direct opposition to God’s revelation of Himself.

I’m opposed to same-sex marriage because it stands in opposition to God.  

Making that statement here is pretty easy—what makes it tough is when you are standing alone in the public eye and voice your support for biblical marriage as God designed it.

When it comes to cohabitation or same-sex marriage, we’re bombarded with messages like, “It’s no big deal!” The culture is voicing opposition to God’s model for marriage. It’s screaming that Scripture’s boundaries are archaic and too narrow.

Let me assure you, He is no narrow God.

His immensity is mind boggling and when He lays out a design for life—He’s delighting in giving us the best. He desires for us to experience joy beyond our imagination and that only comes from doing things His way. He doesn’t want us to forfeit His exciting plan for marriage.

Today there is a lot of confusion and debate over same-sex marriage. We hear questions like: 

Why do some people think marriage is such a big deal— isn’t the real issue whether two people just “love each other?” 

What does it matter if the union is between one gender or two?

My answer is—marriage is a big deal, it does matter if it is a heterosexual union and—no, the real issue is not whether people just “love each other.”

Have you ever wondered why God created only two genders? Why only two?

He specified and reiterated the two genders He created by stating clearly:

[box]“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27)[/box]

He repeats this distinction of 2 created genders in Genesis 5:2, reiterating the classification of “male and female.” He created the prototypical couple, the first marriage, as our example—male and female—united by God.1

Being God, we know He never wastes His efforts. He had a good reason to do it this way. It wasn’t a random choice but intentional on His part. (Okay, that’s a no-brainer).

But what is the significance of two genders in marriage?

The display of two genders united in marriage provides a significant metaphor. God is the only truly unique being. God is a spiritual being and is totally ‘other’ in the sense that there is “none like Him.” In uniting with us in relationship, there is a uniting of two very different beings.

To understand the significance of the same-sex marriage debate, we must understand God’s purpose for marriage.

When we understand that God created marriage to serve as a model to portray His relationship with man, and we recognize there is a basic difference between Infinite God and finite man, then we can see that same-sex marriage is a marriage model that presents a perversion: the uniting of two of the same rather than the model uniting finite and infinite (man and God).

God’s design of marriage is the physical model He created to display His great mystery: the relationship between Jesus (the divine Bridegroom) and the Church (His bride) as seen in Ephesians 5:22–33. Same-sex marriages obliterate this model.

Homosexuality reflects man’s exchange of God as deity—which is why we must reject same-sex marriage as a God-honoring option.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the description of how that occurs, but for now, remember that as we discuss this issue with those who disagree with us (or disagree with God’s Word), our agenda must not be “winning an argument” or taking an obnoxious opposing stance. Our agenda must be to speak truth in love and follow Christ’s example as the perfect balance of truth and grace. We must share truth from the humble position of knowing we are forgiven sinners, still in much need of growth and greater understanding.

Our concern must never be “winning an argument” but always winning our opponent’s heart —to the love of Christ, while honoring God’s Word and glorifying Him. 

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  • Rebecca Einwechter

    Thanks for this biblical, well spoken response to this court decision. We certainly need clarity and courage in these days! Blessings to you!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Becky ~

    So good to hear from you! Thank you for sending such a kind word of support and encouragement.

    Blessings, dear friend ~

  • Ginny

    Kimberly, Thank You for your keen insights. As a follower of your blog, each day I look forward to reading the daily emails.

    Now that SCOTUS has made its ruling known, admittedly I slipped back in to a mode of being stunned, shocked, incredulous, etc. And NOTHING was even mentioned at my Catholic church last weekend. I am not surprised. I
    Mind youx if a foreign country experiences a natural disaster, my priest–as with all priests— are the first to acknowledge it and ask the entire congregation for prayets, financial aid, etc.

    But, when it came to the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage?? Well, that hit too close to home and thus…. Silence.

    Priests vow obedience to their Bishops, so until they are told what to say, how say it and ehen, the usual nothing will be said.

    But, to a larger extent, I cannot blame the Church. I place blame upon myself being a member of the Body of Christ, i.e., the Church. Did I vocalize my beliefs about the sanctity of marriage as it has been designed by God to my gay friends? Did I fight at all? No.

    Have I spoken in love to my gay friends abour their lifestyle? Instead, I have mentally separated who they are to me as friends from how they live their life?

    My closest friend of 36 yrs is very dear to my heart. But I realize I’ve been selfish and weak, and ‘silent’ too long. And being her friend, I ask for your prayers, the prayets of everyone reading this blig, and especially God’s grace to speak to her for her spiritual wellbeing and salvation. Her salvation outweighs my petyy & selfish fears. Her soul is worth risking All.

    Thank you.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Dearest Ginny ~

    I read your comment with a heavy but hopeful heart. I am praying for you to exhibit courage and asking God to give you enormous grace to speak the truth in love to your friend. As you share, it may help to admit to her that we are all in need of forgiveness from a Holy God, that none of us are “righteous” or “morally pure.” So that she understands you are not setting yourself up as “superior” in any way.

    When we share unpopular (but biblical truths), we share the truth as forgiven sinners, who are still in need of grace and spiritual growth.

    “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one . . . for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God . . .” (Rom. 3:10, 23)

    As you convey your sincere love and concern, and the truth that God has the best in mind for her, I pray she will see the hope of the gospel that Christ offers.

    Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, so thankful to know that God uses the emails in your life.

    Pausing to pray for you now, friend ~