Mondays with Molly!

From the first day this website went live, I’ve been privileged to have Molly Sipling serving as the Website Administrator. I actually first “met” Molly when she left a comment on one of my True Woman blog posts. Molly is a graduate of Moody Bible College and a young woman with a heart and passion for God.

For three years, Molly has poured herself into ministering to women and spreading God’s glory through serving you, the readers of this site. Every aspect of the technical operations of the website is taken care of by Molly. Week in and week out she loads the posts, she approves comments, she forwards emails to me when necessary, and she serves as a huge blessing and encouragement in my life!

This summer I’ve invited Molly to write some posts for the blog. Molly has a lot of good things to share. She’s recently walked through a challenging season, and I think many of you will be able to relate to some of her struggles. She’s also preparing to enter a new and exciting season. Molly’s getting married in August!

So when you get your blog post on Monday for the next few weeks, it will be Molly sharing her heart. I hope you’ll welcome her and encourage her as she pens what’s on her heart and shares it with you precious readers!

Thank you for being a faithful and encouraging group. I always love reading your comments, and I know Molly will, too!

Love you much!


  • Pauline Butler

    Thank you to Molly for playing such a significant role in this ministry. It has been such a blessing and an encouragement to me. I look forward to reading what God has placed on your heart to share. I’ve no doubt that it will speak to the hearts of many women, including mine. I appreciate and learn so much from all of your posts, Kim, including those recently submitted in light of the recent Supreme Court decision. Praying for you and the True Woman ministry. With gratitude and love ~~ Pauline