For the Weary and Burdened

I’ve invited my friend (and the Web Administrator here) to share with you what God has been teaching her. Last Monday, Molly gave us a glimpse of what is happening as she prepares for her wedding!

I’m thankful that you’ve welcomed Molly to spend a few Mondays with us here on the blog!

Molly is a graduate of Moody Bible College and will be married in August. She is preparing to enter vocational ministry with her husband and also has the desire to be used as a writer. I’ve followed her blog for years and love her passion for God to be glorified. I think you’ll enjoy hearing her heart.

Here’s Molly ~


For the Weary and Burdened

It’s everywhere. Plastered on billboards as I drive down the highway, displayed on magazines at the grocery store check-out lines, written on my news feed as I scroll through Facebook, and spoken of on TV and radio advertisements, the pervasiveness of it is so incredible that it is nearly impossible to get away from. The world’s view of beauty is so permeating that it overwhelms nearly every part of life: the clothes hanging on the racks, the conversations in the break room, the magazines in the doctor’s office waiting area, the innocent pins on Pinterest, even the advertisements for food on the internet.

Eat this, do this, wear this, get this haircut, this wax, this tan, this facial cream, this eye­-liner, this nail polish, this dress, these shoes (I mean, it is literally this drastic!) and you will be beautiful.

Beautiful. With a definition as transitory as the styles and trends it personifies, it is literally impossible to attain. It can leave the most gorgeous woman feeling ugly and unfit, never able to be enough for what the world says she should be. Being constantly surrounded by this ever changing definition of beauty, I am often overwhelmed by the cold hard truth that I just never will be enough to attain it. This definition is as impossible as it is transitory, often leaving me feeling inadequate, insufficient, and imperfect. How do we, as women living in this world full of its pressures, rise above this definition of beauty into something more meaningful?

How do we look at what’s around us and then look in the mirror and see a reflection that is beautiful, that is enough?

At first, I thought I needed a different definition of beauty. Perhaps if I had a different definition to live by, one that was more realistic and attainable, I could somehow be enough. However, I don’t think that a different definition is the answer. I think it goes deeper than that, deeper into our lives and hearts and into our way of life. More than a definition, even more than a mindset, it is a lifestyle; it is a way of life that Christ is inviting us into.

[box]“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28, HCSB).[/box]

The word “weary” in verse 28 is derived from the Greek word kopiaō, meaning “to feel fatigue,” “to work hard,” “to labor.” The next verb, “burdened,” is derived from the Greek word phortizō, which means “to load up” or “to overburden.” Jesus’ next words are what offer relief from that fatigue and load: “I will give you rest.

Rest. A deeper look at this word and the meaning Jesus originally intended uncovers “refreshment” and “ease.” Jesus is not just offering us rest from our physical toils. He is offering us ease from our strivings, refreshment from our labors.

Therefore, in essence, Jesus is telling us, “Come to Me, all of you who are fatigued, who are working hard and laboring to achieve. Come to Me, all of you who are overburdened and loaded down, and I will give you refreshment and ease.”

This rest Jesus offers is not just a definition or a way of thinking; it is a way of life.

A life that can see the pervasiveness of the world’s shallow and transitory definition of beauty and yet she does not feel pressure to strive for it. A life that can look at the world around her and then look in the mirror and be at ease because she knows she does not need to become who they say she needs to be. A life who is refreshed because she looks to Jesus and does not strive anymore; she receives His invitation and finds His rest.

There is no burden with Jesus’ invitation. There are no strings attached, no overwhelming pressures or burdensome labors. His invitation is a rest from these very things.

Are you overburdened and loaded down, fatigued by your strivings? Take heart and find strength in Jesus, who spoke those words over 2,000 years ago and speaks them again to you today: “Come to Me… and I will give you rest.”

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  • Julie Musil

    Yes, these images are everywhere. I used to let them bother me, but not anymore.

    The verse you mention is becoming one of my favorites. Just the words “weary” and “rest” speak to me when I’m having a difficult day.

  • Leonor

    I agree, indeed our culture’s propaganda is overwhelming.
    My heart aches for my young adult daughters and nieces.
    It is not easy for us to live with contentment…. indeed contenment is a rare jewl. But thanks be to God that He is able
    To do what we can not do for our love ones and ourselves.
    This post helped to grasped and put all this together and pray, pray as I aiming to live more and more to the praise of his glory not our own!!
    I love what John Piper said that “God is most glorifiedin us when we are most satisfied in Him”
    This is a cry in my heart, helps us oh God to be satisfied in You alone!
    Thank you so much for sharing!