Challenging You to an Exciting Adventure!

As a young woman preparing for marriage, I kept wondering, Where are all the older, spiritually mature women? Where are all the little old, godly ladies who can help me get ready for this? Who could give me some pointers for my role as a new bride?

I wanted to sign up for some kind of “wife and mom apprenticeship.”

But as I looked around, many of the couples I knew had marriages that were struggling or had already ended in divorce, and the elderly women felt they had nothing to offer. That’s when I really began to have a burden for training younger women.

Hopefully many of you were blessed by a woman who poured biblical truth into your life and encouraged you in how to live that out practically. But if you’ve never had that experience, it could be because we are currently experiencing an epidemic of loss.

To a large degree, we’ve lost the biblical model of women discipling or teaching younger women.

Calling all women!
That is why I’m so excited about this week’s topic. We’re going to focus on living out the Titus 2 mandate. No matter your season of life, whether married or single, childless or with a houseful, this topic affects you!

Tucked away in the little book of Titus, we find what I often refer to as the “biblical womanhood curriculum” simply outlined as follows:

[box]Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled (Titus 2:3–5).[/box]

Only three verses, but they are packed full with opportunity!

What are we to be teaching?
Let’s focus on one phrase in this passage, “teach what is good.” This phrase is translated from one Greek word—kalodidaskalous. Literally it means to be teaching what is beautiful, good, commendable, excellent, honorable, sound, right, and honest.

If you spend time studying the book of Titus, you’ll notice a critically important phrase throughout: sound doctrine. This is referring to healthy teaching—teaching truth that produces spiritual well-being. It is biblical truth that affects your worldview, your thoughts, your attitudes, your actions, and ultimately your entire lifestyle. So, most importantly, what we are teaching must have sound doctrine as its foundation.

The Biblical Womanhood Curriculum

The “biblical womanhood curriculum” covers these topics:

  1. Loving our husband
  2. Loving your children
  3. Being self-controlled (which would also cover “holy behavior” as mentioned in verse 3)
  4. Moral purity
  5. Being a “home-worker” (More on that tomorrow!)
  6. Being of good character; having a kind, pleasant disposition
  7. Being submissive or respectful of your husband’s headship
  8. Honoring the Word of God by living it out

What can I do?
You may not yet consider yourself to be in the “older woman” category, but every woman is a little further along than another. Perhaps invite a younger woman to go online to read this week’s posts, then plan a time to get together to share and discuss what you’re reading. If you’re a younger woman, pray about approaching an older woman with the same type of invitation.

Revive Our Hearts has some great resources that are geared for Titus 2 discipleship. If you need some suggestions on a good study to do together, click here. These resources are on sale, but the sale ends today!

Ready to get started?

Wanna sign up?

I’m challenging you to look around and find another woman to join you on this exciting adventure!

Adapted from my True Woman blog post: 11.04.09

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  • Michele Morin

    With four sons, my life has been largely “male,” but now that one of them is married . . .
    God has given me this lovely young woman who loves my son (and my grandson) so well, that all I can think of is, “How can I help her? How can I build into her life?”
    You’ve given me an answer to that longing!

  • Julie Musil

    Oh, how I wish I’d had a woman like that in my earlier years. Now, with three teen sons at home, I see myself as an example to them, which guides my own behavior. Love this idea!