Trail Markers for Faith

When my husband and I were hiking a few years ago, we started out on a clearly marked mountain trail. But the further we went; there were fewer and fewer trail markers! After trudging through the wilderness for several hours, we finally admitted we were lost. Right before dark, we wandered onto a mountain road and flagged down a lone pick-up truck to hitch a ride back to our car—more than twenty miles away!

Whenever I find myself wandering through the wilderness of fear, I’ve learned to depend on “faith markers” to get me back on the trail and out of the woods. One of my favorite faith markers is Psalm 46. Many times in the early morning hours, before my eyes open, especially when I’ve been walking through a season of intense pain or fear, Psalm 46 comes to my lips.

As I quote my faith marker, it takes me to the sanctuary of God’s reality. It leads me to moments of worship. It reminds me that He’s the One who can melt the earth with one word or rebuke the raging sea at His command. And, He brings me out of the wilderness to the safety of His hand.

I need Faith Markers to keep my heart pressing into the path He’s marked out for me when I’m tempted to wander through a wilderness of fear, deception, despair and self-centered thinking. 

Faith Markers keep my heart:

  • ruled by peace
  • rooted in joy
  • receptive to truth
  • rallied to fresh worship
  • radically committed to His purpose

In the next posts, we’ll look at an example of how this works by using the truths from Psalm 46.

Do you have a favorite faith marker you’d like to share with us today?

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One Comment

  • Julie Musil

    I just read the scripture you linked to, and I loved this part…”cease striving.” That has such a restful tone to it. I can’t remember where it is, but I love the scripture that says the way of the Lord is steadfast love and faithfulness. Fear has always been a major issue for me, and now I’m learning to press into Him and rest.