Molly’s Getting Married Today!

Molly is the Web Administrator here and many of you enjoyed her writing a few posts on the blog this summer. If you missed it, she shared about preparing for her wedding (you can read that post by clicking here). Well, today is the day! Molly is getting married! Molly is about to enter that beautiful and sacred union that God established to display the gospel.

Let’s join together in praying for Molly and Matt as they enter this season ~

Father, thank you for the profound mystery of the gospel and how you created marriage as an incredible display to showcase your great love. Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you demonstrated to us the ultimate self-sacrificing love at the cross as you gave of yourself to purchase your bride, the Church. Thank you, Holy Spirit that you fill and empower. May Molly and Matt be fully submitted to you, and one another, out of reverence for Christ.

Father, would you provide Molly with an understanding of the submission that You have called her to, as she seeks to honor You? Would you fill her with joy and a heart to embrace your will and the role you’ve described for her in Your Word? Would You enable her to appreciate and respect Matt as her husband and spiritual leader? Would You give her wisdom in how to be an iron-sharpening friend to Matt? Would you prepare her for days when she may be easily irritated or impatient by reminding her to look to You for the grace that provides help for her every need?

Father, would you provide Matt with an understanding of Christ’s great love for the Church? May he come to love you more deeply and from that love’s overflow, cherish Molly more dearly? Would you fill Matt with the wisdom needed to lead Molly, to guard and protect her physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Would you give him a heart that is tender toward her needs as a woman and devoted to meeting those needs with joy? Would you give him a diligent pursuit to grow in Your Word? Would you give him fortitude to fulfill his responsibilities? Would you give him courage to be the man you’ve called him to be?

For both Molly and Matt, would you provide:

  • Hearts that run to Christ continually
  • Patience when either is frustrated by the other’s weaknesses
  • Forebearance when either is tempted to be offended
  • Compassion when sin is manifested
  • Strength to gently confront the other by speaking truth in love
  • Hospitable and gracious hearts toward one another
  • Restraint when tempted to lash out in anger
  • Kindness that is sincere and consistent
  • Humility that directs the heart’s responses
  • Forgiveness that is offered and received freely and frequently
  • Self control that is manifested by Your Spirit
  • Joy in You and in one another
  • Love that is formed from Christ’s example on the cross

Holy Spirit would you remind us to intercede for Matt and Molly as they walk through life as one?

In Jesus name, we request these things that will glorify You, O God ~

Would you like to add a prayer below for Matt and Molly?