Blog Post Interruptions, Life Changes, and Technological Challenges

Hello, Precious Blog Friends ~

Wow, we started off with our Colossians study last week and I loved hearing how you are digging into it! I’m sorry for the interruption in blogging this week. We’ve had some challenges getting posts uploaded, hoping this one goes through . . . but we think we’ll be back on track next Monday! So, in the meantime, if you get this post . . . keep soaking in the first chapter of Colossians and we’ll see you on Monday!

As a p.s. I hope you’ll lift up prayers for Molly (the web administrator) as she’s settling into her new season of marriage while dealing with some health issues and a move across the country to a new city! I’m so grateful for her ministry on this blog!

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  • Julie Musil

    I wondered where you were this week! Glad your post came through today.

    I wasn’t able to comment last week, because I was taking my oldest son to college. Praise God my son is adjusting well to this new season, and I am as well. I enjoyed each post while on the road, and although I didn’t dig in to Colossians l last week, I’ll add it to my Bible study this week.

    Pausing to pray for Molly right now…

    Kimberly, I read a devotional about thanking God for our spiritual mentors, and I said a prayer of gratitude for you. God is working through you in so many ways. Thank you.

  • Sheila

    I’m sorry for your technical difficulties, but next week will be my first opportunity to “dig in.” I was discouraged thinking that I was falling behind. Thankful for the delayed start!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you for your prayers, Julie! So glad we can get acquainted through the blog and thankful for how God is working in your life. Glad to know your son is adjusting well to this transition. I know you’ll miss him!

    I look forward to hearing what God is teaching you as we travel through Colossians together 🙂