Stepping into Colossians 2

My husband meets with a group of pastors in our city who pray together weekly, asking God to bring revival, asking God to display His power in incredible ways. They are “struggling” in prayer against the spiritual forces of darkness that seem to be pressing in on every side.

Who are you “struggling” for in prayer right now?

Paul mentions that he is interceding for believers (most he’s never even met). His struggle is for them to be knit together in love, to experience the full knowledge of the gospel and to be firm in their faith (Col. 1:1–5).

What if our lack of seeing God at work is directly tied to our prayer life?

God is not manipulated by our prayers, He does not “wait” for us to pray in order for Him to act, He carries out His plans and purposes despite our commitment to pray . . . but there is something tangible that occurs when we “struggle” in prayer for others. I don’t understand it all, but I can’t deny the correlation between prayer, faith, and God working. Study Paul’s life and you’ll see a life of explosive power (even from a prison cell), and that power is connected to his position as a prayer warrior who is involved in the intensity of conflict in the spiritual realm.

Who are you “struggling” for in prayer right now?

Have you experienced the “mystery” that Paul speaks of?

Let’s dive into Colossians 2 together by reading it again and answering these questions for starters ~ 

  1. What is the theme of Colossians? (Review what you see in: Col. 1:18)
  1. Where do we see that theme reiterated in the second chapter? (There are at least four verses where this theme is woven into this chapter.)
  1. What does Paul mean in v. 1 when he talks about having a “struggle” or “conflict” for them and the believers at Laodicea? What is he referring to? Could this be an underlying theme in this book?
  1. What is the “mystery” Paul refers to in v. 2? (Chapter 1 mentions this “mystery” also.)
  1. In v. 5 what does Paul stress that he is rejoicing over? What verse in the first chapter reiterates the need for this? (v. 23)

I echo Paul’s prayer, as I lift up prayers for you dear readers ~

[box]“Though I am absent in body, yet I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the firmness of your faith in Christ.” (Col. 2:5)[/box] 


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  • Vivian Etherington

    I am struggling in prayer for my children, particularly as most of them are in relationships with the opposite sex. I struggle in prayer regularly for close friends and for marriages, and people in ministry. However, so often my fervency in prayer is lacking for sure. I need to be more disciplined in it!