Losing Faith


A “faithless believer” is an oxymoron. I mean, even putting those two words together in a sentence looks nonsensical. But I think churches are filled with “faithless” Christians. Now, don’t misunderstand me—we must come to new life through faith in Christ—and there is no such thing as becoming a “Christian” without faith in Christ. But most Christians admit to having faith struggles.

We know God is faithful.

We know the power of the resurrection is real.

We’ve experienced the transforming power of the gospel.

But when it comes to really believing God will come through for us when He calls us to step out in faith . . . we can become faith “wimps.” I know I can.

This summer has been tough on the faith community. We’ve seen our country in the midst of a sweeping move of darkness as marriage has been redefined, the trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts has been revealed, and Ashley Madison has educated us on the extent that millions of people will go to seek out an adulterous relationship.

For me, this has been a faith-stretching summer.

God has invited me into a faith walk that has been a bit challenging, but I’m beginning to experience the grace to believe He is going to provide all I need to walk by faith.

I want to “walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith . . .” that is what Paul instructs the believers at Colossae to do. Walk by faith . . . established in the faith.

The Greek word that is translated “established” (in most translations) is a word used for something that is solid and reliable.

What is more solid and reliable than what we know of God?

No matter how powerful the darkness appears, don’t let your faith be shaken. 

There are a few things we need to be reminded of. What do we know of God?

He is faithful and true.

He does not lie.

His lovingkindness is everlasting.

His Word is firmly fixed in the heavens and endures through eternity.

What more solid foundation is there to walk on?

As we continue our study of Colossians, it is crucial that we realize this as our fundamental starting and ending place: “Established in faith!”

Join me in studying Colossians 2 by reading it again and answering these questions:

  1. What instructions does Paul give the believers in this chapter?
  1. What do you think Paul was referring to in v. 8?
  1. In verse 8 and in verse 20 what do you think the phrase “elemental spirits” (ESV) is referring to?
  1. What verse in chapter 1 sounds very similar to Col. 2:9? What do both of these verses state about Jesus?
  1. In verse 10, Jesus is described as the “head of all rule and authority.” To appreciate all that He is in authority over, read the description in Ephesians 1:21 and 3:10. What are the “rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms?” (See Eph. 6:12)
  1. How does verse 10 encourage you?

I look forward to reading what you are learning as you dig into this chapter!


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  • Julie Musil

    Kimberly, I read chapter 2 last night! To answer your questions effectively, I’d need my Bible with me, which it isn’t right now.

    But let me share with you how I’ve sometimes been that type of Christian. Believing, but not believing with the force that I do right now. Sadly, what brought me to this new strength and belief is going through a VERY difficult time. But you know what? I’m actually becoming grateful for that difficult time, because my faith has been strengthened in ways I never dreamed. All things will be used for good, of that I’m sure.

  • Margie

    In checking Strong’s concordance and a lexicon, it helped clarify further verse 10. It is so exciting to see that in Christ, we have been (are) made complete, filled to the brim, nothing is wanting, and we will be carried through to the end! There is comfort and encouragement to know that He is head of all rule and authority, even in this day.

    I am so thankful for this study!