Reaching Peace

We’re in chapter three in our study of Colossians and in the middle of this section on relating to one another as a “new person in Christ” (smack-dab in the middle of the section that I call the “Template for Family Relationships”), we find this simple instruction:

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts . . .” (Col. 3:15)

Are you needing peace today?

Peace is not a state of mind, but true peace is found in the One who is our peace.

The peace that Christ brings is not a fleeting emotional experience, but it is settled and grounded stability based on Who He Is. Because He is the eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-wise, gracious and merciful Redeemer . . . who is working all things according to His plan, I can rest securely in Him.

As we continue working our way through the book of Colossians, I hope you’ll take the time today to read the Scriptures below and answer these questions.

  1. The Colossian believers were struggling over their spiritual condition because of false teaching. They needed the peace of Christ to rule in their hearts and needed to settle the issues that led to insecurity in their salvation. What is the truth of Eph. 2:14 and Col. 3:15 that could help settle their lack of peace?
  1. How would knowing the principle of Phil. 4:4–8 serve to bring peace when we struggle?
  1. We are given an important and emphatic instruction in Colossians 3:16, what is it? Read Heb. 10:24; Gal. 6:1–2; and 2 Tim. 3:16–17 and consider how important it is for the “word of Christ” to “dwell in you richly” in order to fulfill the instructions in these verses.
  1. What important heart attitude does v. 16 command us to have?
  1. How do peace and gratitude relate to one another?

Are you still hanging in here with me as we work our way through this practical book? I hope so! If you are, I hope you’ll let me know (by leaving a comment below) how this study is impacting your life!

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  • Julie Musil

    I’m still with you. It’s great that you mentioned Phil. 4:4-8. Those verses have become some of my favorites. I wrote them on a card that I can pull out and read whenever I need a boost.

  • Margie

    Again, thankfulness is to be our heart attitude. As I looked over these verses,I noticed similar phrases. ,let the peace “of Christ” rule in your hearts… Let the word “of Christ” dwell richly in you…it all points back to Christ.

  • Pauline Butler

    I’m still here with you, Kim, but very much behind. Just popped in today to try to get caught up a bit. Very thankful for this timely study. Will say more at a later time.

  • Vivian Etherington

    Yes Kim! And I so needed this post; I needed the reminders. I have been experiencing a lack of peace recently due to being pulled in so many directions. The physical, emotional, and spiritual demands of life are many in this season of my life! I know you experience this too–many demands on you. I am seeking God’s wisdom. I covet your prayers! And thank you again for your blog and personal ministry to me!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    So glad to know that you ladies are still hanging in here studying Colossians with me!! What a joy you are, and what a gift your comments are to me, personally.

    Pausing now to pray for you friends, may God refresh, stabilize, and encourage you to press on ~