Going Home


My husband and I are driving to San Antonio today and I feel like I’m going home. No, I haven’t ever lived in San Antonio, but I feel like I’m going home for a visit. We’re on our way to a special weekend with people who we count as dear family members.

For those of you who read the blog regularly, or if you’ve read Fierce Women, or heard our marriage story, you know that Revive Our Hearts ministries (and Nancy DeMoss particularly) played an integral role in rescuing our marriage. We are eternally grateful to this ministry, not only for the way God has used the teaching and resources in our lives, but for the way God is using ROH to spread His truth across the globe.

We’ve been connected with this group of friends for almost two decades now, and through the years, I’ve watched God bring stability, maturity, and growth, to the work He began as a small ministry to women. The behind-the-scenes ROH team is still relatively small—but it is amazing to see the broad reach God has given this little ministry.

God delights in taking the ordinary and unknown and doing the extraordinary! For example, in September, ROH hosted a conference to train women to study and teach Scripture. A global movement is happening! More than two thousand women from forty-nine states and thirty countries attended this event that was filled to the brim with hungry women who were excited to be trained. Women left with tools to disciple others. You can listen to the messages from that conference by clicking here.

In my long relationship with Revive Our Hearts, these five integral components of their ministry have stood out to me:

  • The Exaltation of Christ
  • The Commitment to Word-Saturated Teaching
  • The Priority of Prayer and Intercession
  • Transparency for the Sake of God’s Glory
  • Humility in Serving

So, as we make the trip to south Texas, we are looking forward to the sweet fellowship of friends we love and respect, but we are also asking God to use us in some small way this weekend to bless our ROH family, to allow us to encourage hurting couples who may be where we once were, to remind others of the life-transforming power of the gospel, and to exalt Jesus in our conversations.

If you’re unaware of the wealth of spiritual content that’s available on the ROH website, I hope you’ll check it out by clicking here. If the women in your church are unaware of this ministry, I encourage you to pass the info on to them and let them know that ROH is a place where they can grow in their relationship with Christ!


  • Vivian Etherington

    You know how much I love ROH too! Nancy and her ministry have profoundly impacted my life as well! I remember attending a ROH conference in 2005 in Memphis, TN; that was before the True Woman movement was birthed! It was lifechanging! I know it will be a wonderful weekend of sweet fellowship!