Finishing Colossians!

For those of you who’ve stayed with me all the way through our study of Colossians—way to go! I hope your love for this precious letter has grown as we’ve walked through it together. Every time I read it, my heart yearns to live out these truths fully! My appreciation for the apostle Paul deepens as I consider how he poured himself out (continually) for the sake of seeing every person discipled and brought to completion in Christ (Col. 1:28).

As we move on from Colossians, I want to encourage you to not stop studying! Choose another book to soak in. Read and re-read the contents as you pray and ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and give you understanding. Note repetitive words and themes. Jot down questions (like the ones I’ve given you) and explore the terrain of the book! I would love to hear what book you choose to tackle and what God is teaching you! (I’m diving into the book of Revelation!)

I hope you’ll take time to work through the questions below and let me know any take-aways you have from Colossians!

  1. Put this chapter into a simple 4 or 5 point outline. Your Bible may have paragraph headings that will help you with this, but it is best to develop your own outline or headings in your own words. Remember, you want to “own” this book when you’re finished studying it!
  1. What principles for your life have you gleaned from Chapter 4?
  1. Were there any concepts that you found difficult to understand?
  1. Were there any verses that you found personally convicting?
  1. What did you find in this chapter that was personally motivating?
  1. Record things that you personally appreciate about God because of what you see Him doing in this passage or characteristics of His that are revealed.
  1. What is your “big picture take-away” from studying Colossians?


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  • Julie Musil

    Thanks for this study, Kimberly! i love the fact that we each have a ministry. I never really thought about that before–that we each have a ministry, even if it’s in our own circle.

    My “read the Bible in the year” plan is just now finishing up Jeremiah and 2 Timothy. It’s been quite a year of growth, change, enlightenment, and so much more. I’m now addicted to reading the Bible and gaining strength from His word each day.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Good Morning, Julie ~

    I LOVE that you are now “addicted” to reading the Bible and the Word is supplying you with needed strength daily! May your hunger to know Him more, to walk in His truth, and to share His reality with others continue to increase 🙂

    Blessings, friend ~

  • Sandra

    Thank you so much for this study, Kim. One general take-away for me after meditating on the first and third chapters is just a renewed “craving” to know Him more and a deeper desire to walk in a manner pleasing to Him.

    I’ve enjoyed going through Colossians with you – and alongside several new friends here on this side of the world. We are a little behind, but what a delight it has been to see the excitement in my friend’s eyes as they’ve opened up the scriptures themselves for the first time and discovered rich treasures!

    Thank you for your love for and faithfulness to His Word. I always walk away from this blog with a yearning to worship and a desire to love Him deeper.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Wow, Sandra, what a gift your encouraging comment is! Your response to the blog is answer to my prayers . . . to hear you (or any reader) say: “I always walk away from this blog with a yearning to worship and a desire to love Him deeper.” That is why I write.

    It is so encouraging to know how you are discipling others and encouraging women to dig into the Word. Such a joy to know that across the globe, you precious sisters are growing in your love for Christ and commitment to His Word!

    Thank you for spurring me on to Col. 1:28–29 ministry, friend!

  • Vivian Etherington

    Thank you, Kim for this study! Two things I came away with that I did not when I studied this book before are the emphases on prayer and thanksgiving. I need some growth in these areas. Colossians is such a rich book! Living with eternity in view all the time is a great challenge and chapter 3 is a great motivating chapter for me! I also really benefitted from your post about grace-filled, salty conversations. As a mom, there is a need for many of those–three teenaged daughters in my house! And thank you for having some of those with me at a time I needed them! Love you!