Falling Off the Grid. . .

You may not have noticed, but I didn’t post any blogs last week. None. That is the first week since we started the blog in July 2012 that I failed to post. Other than when we’ve had technical glitches and the blogs couldn’t be loaded, or had email issues and the blogs couldn’t be sent to you, the blog has been cranking out little devotional thoughts and ramblings, Monday through Friday, week after week . . . for 174 weeks. That’s almost 900 blog posts . . . roughly 720,000 words (give or take a few K). That’s a lot of scribbling, venting, pontificating, and sometimes whining . . . but I hope in spite of all my wretched humanity, there were a few words that pointed your heart toward Christ.

Because that’s why I write.

The two weeks before I fell off the Internet grid, we had a whirlwind trip, starting barely five days into November and ending in the wee hours of the night twelve days later. And honestly, as we made the trip home, I couldn’t pick up my laptop to peck out a single sentence. Normally I type while the miles pass outside the car window, but every attempt at composing even one blog post fell flat. You may not have even noticed that there were no blog posts, but if you did happen to miss hearing from me, I’m truly sorry I was absent. I’m still digging my way out of a log-jam of emails, but I’m putting that on hold so I can catch you up on what happened while I was away. It would take more than one blog post to fill you in, but I’ll share a few highlights with you today.

On the first part of the trip, we had a sweet women’s event in Peoria, Illinois and I met several women who have a heart for God and a love for His Word. I was able to meet one of the pastors there and several people who are in positions of spiritual leadership. With all of the bad news today, and the many reports of how the church is “failing” in her mission, it was super encouraging to me to find a church that is giving out solid, biblical truth, discipling their flock, as well as reaching out to the community to minister to the needy and share the gospel with the lost.

We left there and headed to the campus of Moody Bible Institute and Moody Publishers in downtown Chicago. I just want to say, I love Moody. It was such a sweet visit. I met people who are giving their lives for the sake of the gospel being seen, read, and known. From the president all the way down to the security guards, I observed a consistent and effective witness for Christ.

More about that later . . .

LeRoy and I had so much fun recording radio interviews. You can catch the one with Chris Fabry by clicking on this link and listening to the first hour. We also recorded a podcast interview with Dr. Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages) and did the WMBI live morning show where listeners called in with questions (yikes!). I LOVED doing all of this with LeRoy. I would always rather team up with him than to go solo.

And on that note . . . I have a sweet surprise I want to share, but I’ll save that for later. Really, 820 words is about all I have the capacity to put down on paper today (um, make that on screen). But, before I go, let me share with you the verse that has been running over and over in my heart for several days now:

[box]Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you and worked for those who take refuge in you, in the sight of the children of mankind! (Psalm 31:19)[/box]

It has been a constant refrain running through my mind and heart. He is the One who “stores up” goodness for His own. Think about that. He stores up blessings that He delights in showering on those who find their security in Him.

What an appropriate thought for us to meditate on this week as we enter the Thanksgiving season (my favorite holiday).

And notice that those who He is pouring out goodness on aren’t being subtle about where they are taking refuge. Those who are receiving His “stored up” goodness are public about it and visible (“in the sight of the children of mankind”). They are demonstrating to others that God is their refuge. Their lives give witness to the fact that He is gracious and gives abundant blessings.

Are you doing that today?

Is He your refuge and do others know it?

Are you reveling in His abundant goodness today?


  • Leanne

    Hello, Sweet Kim!! I noticed that you were “Off the Grid,” and I missed you! I saw your beautiful face, however, when you weren’t blogging, next to your hubby on the front row of Nancy and Robert’s wedding!! My 5 munchkins and I watched most of the ceremony together. What a blessing to be able to a part of such an incredible, Christ centered union via lifestream. It most certainly glorified God, and we were deeply moved by all of it.

    You’ve been on my heart lately! I wish you could be here with me for my “Pillar Talk” mom’s nights. I had another one a week ago, Thursday. It’s incredible to be used by the Lord to cultivate an environment in which women receive biblical, sound teaching, support, and encouragement. I feel so inadequate and disqualified to speak about anything, yet He pours out His truth through His word to me in the quiet moments I share with Him each day, and I am astounded by His goodness, faithfulness, and grace. The testimonies I have heard from those who have come are amazing. I am humbled by the incredible exponential growth that is taking place in the hearts of women as they embrace Biblical womanhood and our primary role as holy homemakers and “corner pillars” (Psalms 144:12) used by the Lord to cultivate, support, and protect a home environment where the presence of the Lord abides and flourishes. Women such as you, Nancy, and Holly, have been instrumental in my life since 2006 and the “ripple” effect for the cause of Christ is unending. Lives are being transformed for Christ as women are being awakened to God’s design for them, marriages are being saved, spouses are coming to know the Lord, and children are being delivered, and all is taking place through the commitment to do just what the Scripture you mentioned above, Psalms 31:19, states. When you have tasted the goodness of the Lord, and He fills your cup continually to the point of overflowing, you can’t help but refresh and revive the hearts of those around you by pouring into them what He has poured into you. AND, in doing so, He continues to replenish you and refresh you, just as He promises in Proverbs 11:25. What a gift it is to serve the Lord and be in the midst of how He is working. It’s amazing!

    Also, the Lord has recently brought a new Christian family into our lives. As we were sharing our testimonies and books that have impacted our lives, my new friend mentioned that the Lord used YOUR book to radically transform her, and it was instrumental in changing and saving her marriage. So, once again, THANK YOU, for allowing the Lord to use you and your testimony for His glory. THANK YOU for the time you take to write your blogs and expose your heart and the ways the Lord is speaking to you and refining you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 🙂 You’re a gift and such a blessing to so many! I appreciate you so much!

    In Christ’s Love,

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Wow, Leanne ~

    So good to hear from you, friend! And what a blessing to hear how God is at work. He never ceases to amaze me. It is so exciting to think about how you are impacting women as you share the Word. May God continue to give you much fruit for His glory!

    I’m so thankful you took the time to update me . . . I always love hearing from you.

    Keep pressing into all He has for you!

    Much love friend ~

  • Vivian Etherington

    I did check the blog and missed you! But I was pretty sure I knew why there were no posts! I look forward to hearing more about your trip! Since this is Thanksgiving week AND your birthday week: I want to say how grateful I am for your blog and for you! You are a blessing to so many and I am so grateful to know you and for the impact you have had in my life! Love you!

  • Julie Musil

    I did notice the absence of emails! It’s so nice to have you back. I absolutely love Gary Chapman’s podcast, so I’ll have to check out your interview. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you, Viv ~

    I’m picturing you with your houseful . . . they’re all growing up! Enjoy them this week. Thankful for you and love seeing how God is using you and now using your children for His glory.

    Much love, friend ~

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you, Julie ~

    I missed being here 🙂 I hope you have a special Thanksgiving. May you sense God’s protective and abiding presence. May you be filled with peace and the joy that comes from surrendering all into His hands.

    Love and prayers, friend ~