Born for This

You were born to spread God’s glory throughout the earth!

Are you living out your purpose today?

“Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

I love Mordecai’s challenging question to his young niece. He was asking her to look fear in the eye and nobly press in to her purpose as a beautifully fierce woman. I’m asking the same thing today as I’m praying for God to call out some modern day Esthers!

You were born in this moment of time in history in order to be used as an integral part of God’s great Redemption story!

We are celebrating Advent on the blog by exploring the lives of a few women who had an integral role in God’s redemption plan. Today we’ll take a quick glimpse at Esther’s life.

Shortly after meeting the young woman who would one day become my daughter-in-law, she shared with me that Esther is her favorite woman in the Bible. She’s admired her since she was a child. I find it so like God that He would bring a little Esther into her life to raise for His glory! (You can find that story by clicking here.)

Why do we love Esther so much?

What is it about her story that is so captivating?

We admire Esther because she truly portrays the characteristics of the beautifully fierce woman.

Esther isn’t included in the line of Christ, but she was used at a critical juncture in Israel’s history. At a period of time when God’s people faced the possibility of complete annihilation (a common occurrence for them throughout history), God once again brought a deliverer.

God placed a young Jewish girl on the throne of one of the most powerful world kingdoms in order to accomplish His purposes for that hour in history. When her people were threatened with genocide, Esther was willing to suffer the consequences of taking a stand on their behalf.

Have you found it encouraging seeing the number of women in this Advent series who served as beautiful fierce warriors? We’ve seen women take courageous stands, serve God in critical conflicts, and live all out with a passion for Him and His glory!

As a Christian in North America, I’m not facing the same kind of battle that Esther faced, but there is a battle that I’m engaged in. Christianity is under siege and I’m taking a stand in proclaiming liberty to those who are currently held captive by spiritual darkness.

This battle isn’t for wimpy women, but courageous women who are committed to God’s glory.

Are you willing to take some uncomfortable stands for the sake of spreading the gospel?

Embracing our calling as women has far greater implications than what can be accomplished in just one woman’s life, as important as that is. Imagine what might occur if even a small, but deeply committed, Spirit-empowered group of women surrendered fully to God’s kingdom purposes.

What might happen?

Perhaps God would birth a mighty movement of Christ-exalting women spreading His glory across the globe.

Look around.

Do you see the great need of our day?

We are surrounded by lost souls in need of deliverance.

To advance the gospel may require some personal changes: time spent in targeted prayer, a boldness to share the gospel, a commitment to spiritual growth. Are you willing to evaluate your attitudes and actions as a woman under the authority of Scripture?

Are you willing to make hard choices to share Christ with others?

Perhaps you were born for this purpose—to be a part of a movement of God’s Spirit that will bring revival!

Are you willing to endure personal sacrifice, if necessary, in order to take a stand and fulfill your role as a woman after God’s heart in this day?

Are you open to the challenge?

Do you want to be used by Him to advance the gospel?

How are you living differently because of the future arrival of the Coming King?


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  • Julie Musil

    Can you tell I’m catching up on my emails?

    I loved the story of Esther. I tell ya, as an avid reader, I’m beginning to see the Bible as the greatest suspense novel ever, full of plot twists and unpredictable characters.

    I’m focusing on being a good ambassador for Him and focusing on His ways and His promises. This has been such a transformative year for me in many ways.