What do These Stones Mean?

My husband writes a weekly devotional for the men in our church. It’s just a simple word from their pastor’s heart to give truth-encouragement at the start of their day. I’ve asked him if I can share some of those with you on the blog and last week he was encouraged by your comments. He’s hopeful that you’ll find something helpful as he shares his heart. 

From LeRoy’s Pen ~


[box]“And he said to the people of Israel, “When your children ask their fathers in times to come, ‘What do these stones mean?’ then you shall let your children know, ‘Israel passed over this Jordan on dry ground.’” (Joshua 4:21–22)[/box]

The children of Israel were standing on the banks of the Jordan River looking at their future. Egypt, and forty years of going in circles through the wilderness, was behind them. It is at this intersection of the past and the future that God instructed stones of remembrance to be set up; spiritual markers that would serve to remind future generations of the faithfulness of God.

I pray that you’ve experienced God working in your life in a way that is worth remembering and marking. Others, our children, friends, and family members, need to know the significant works God has done in our lives. They need to know how God drew you to Himself. They should hear you tell with awe and adoration about times of dire need when God came through in amazing ways. They ought to be able to recite your faith stories because they know them so well.

If you share “God stories” with your little ones, they’ll want to hear them again and again. It gives them confidence in God. It gives them a solid place to stand when storms come. It lets them know that you’re not perfect and life doesn’t always go smoothly, but we can trust our perfect God who does all things well.

Sharing our “God stories” gives others a spiritual bank account of faith until they can establish their own. Telling them these stories, honors, lifts up, and glorifies our God.

Today, think about your time of spiritual bondage and slavery to sin. Now, praise Him for deliverance from your “Egypt.” Praise Him for so great a salvation. Remember times you have wandered through seasons of little (or no) spiritual growth. And acknowledge that even though you were “going around in circles” you realize now that He was still there. Remember the events, the crisis, the circumstances, or experiences that brought you out of that wilderness. Recount the blessings, the spiritual victories, and how far God has brought you.

Tell of the great things He has done—tell them to your children, friends, family—to anyone who will listen. Tell them what “these stones” mean.

We’d love to hear your “God stories” if you want to share them below!

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