Up for a Trip to PA?

If you are in the Pittsburgh Tri-State area, I would love to meet you the first weekend in March! New Beginnings Church of God is hosting a mini-True Woman Conference on Saturday, March 5th and we’ll be digging into the Word together all day! They still have tickets available, if you’re interested, just click this link for more information.

You may not be a fan of women’s conferences. I was right with you once. I remember when I thought women’s conferences were just a lot of emotional hype without much substance, and my opinion was that they could possibly do more damage than spiritual benefit. I still think that is true of some conferences, but God has changed my heart on this topic.

I’ve experienced some spiritual watershed moments at events where I’ve spoken, but also ones where I’ve attended, not as a speaker but just to soak up the teaching.

There is something about setting aside a weekend, or even just an evening, as a body of women to sit under the Word for a concentrated amount of time. It is different than your personal quiet time, or even your Sunday morning service at your own church. There is a special dynamic that occurs when we as women get together with open hearts and honest discussion; it’s a dynamic that seems to open a doorway to the next level of spiritual growth. I need that.

During our time together in Pennsylvania, I’ll be sharing what our “true identity” is as women, as well as considering how to use our strengths to glorify God—uniquely as women. I’ll also be encouraging women to get involved in ministry as we look at the Titus 2 passage and consider what that looks like practically. I’ll be challenging women to consider how God may want to use them in ways they’ve never thought about before!

God loves stepping into our ordinary moments to display His beauty and power! And I’ve experienced Him doing that so many times at a conference like this one.

If you live in the area, I would love to meet you! If you have friends or family in the area, I hope you’ll pass this post on to them.