And It’s Off!

Thank you so much for your prayers for the book. We are extremely grateful for those of you who’ve interceded and encouraged us all along the way. You play a role in all that God will do through Men Who Love Fierce Women: The Power of Servant Leadership in Marriage.

Over the weekend, we pushed “send” on the manuscript, and I closed the laptop, stepped outside to the back porch and let out a loud whoop of praise and gratitude. It is done! At least this step toward completion is finished—there will still be rounds of edits, finishing touches applied, and technical stuff to work on. But the labor of creating a 50k “plus a few K” manuscript is complete—and when we pushed send, I told LeRoy that I felt as exhausted as I did when delivering my almost-nine-pound babies!

Before sending it off to Moody, we knelt together and covered it with prayer once more. This book has been bathed with prayer, from the earliest moments of conception, its pages have been saturated with requests for God to meet with the reader, to take His Word and waken men’s hearts to His grand mission for their life. For husbands to receive inspiration and hope to step into servant leadership and learn to love their wives in a way that reflects Christ’s love for His bride.

We didn’t address everything that needs to be said. This is an ongoing conversation, and perhaps there will be more to come, but for now, we addressed the critical need for husbands to step into their role as protector.

The middle chapters of the book take readers through the P-R-O-T-E-C-T-I-O-N acronym where we provide practical help for applying Scripture to the husband’s areas of responsibility. Husbands have asked us to address how a father should parent a daughter who is following the example of her fierce mom. We didn’t address that specifically, but hope that dads will apply much of what is shared through this practical section in their parenting.

We are carrying the burden for marriages to reflect the beauty of the gospel. We’ve heard so many painful stories, husbands and wives are crying out for help, looking for answers and coming up empty. God has something better. He is able to step into the deepest pit and rescue the most needy heart. He is able to take wrecked lives and create trophies of grace.

Dear reader, if you are one of those wandering in the darkness, lonely and fearful, feeling isolated and hopeless, we want to encourage you. God sees where you are. He is aware of all you’ve experienced, and your suffering is not purposeless. He is able to take what seems to be your destruction and bring resurrection. He is able to step into your shattered marriage and bring wholeness and healing.

We encourage you, don’t wait for the release of the book, start today. If you are a husband struggling to lead a fierce wife, you might consider leading your wife through a study of Colossians 3:12–19. Perhaps spread this over several weeks, reading the passage together, looking at commentaries that explain word meanings, and discussing what it would look like to apply this passage to your marriage. Be consistent and gently persistent in your commitment to spend time with your wife in prayer and study of God’s Word together. Take her by the hand and pray for her, voice your love and commitment to her through prayer, invite the Holy Spirit to bring wholeness and healing to your marriage.

We are excited about God working for His glory. May the church be awakened to His wonder through marriages being transformed by the power of the gospel! To God alone belongs this glory.

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  • Vivian Etherington

    So thankful! Praising the Lord with you! I continue to be blessed by your example of pouring out your life for the Kingdom. I know this was more work than anyone who has never written a book can imagine; an exhausting project! But I know it will be very rewarding! God’s richest blessings on you both!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you, Viv, your prayers, support, and encouragement means a lot!
    Warm hug and prayers sent your way 🙂