Putting to Death Your Insecurities

Do you ever get an unsettled, uncomfortable, kind of yucky feeling that you don’t quite measure up? You’re insufficient? Inadequate?

Viewed as a “Loser” with a capital “L”?

The solution to putting to death insecurities is knowing who you are in Christ. Not only knowing it, but reminding yourself (sometimes daily) who you are “in Christ.” And that’s the important thing to note: “In Christ.”

Last month, I shared a list that describes who you are in Christ; describing your true identity (if you belong to Christ). If you missed that list, or need a good dose again of truth about who you really are, head over to Revive Our Hearts where I’m sharing on the True Woman blog today.

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  1. Posted by Kate

    Thank you, Kimberly. Love this!! Just what I need during this season. I will print it off and pray it often for God’s healing touch.

    • Posted by Kimberly Wagner

      Hello, Kate ~

      Thankful God used it to encourage you. His Word is true and He is faithful. Glad you’ll be praying these Scriptures, God delights in us praying according to His will, and Scripture-shaped prayers are praying His heart back to Him!

  2. Printed it out and taping it to my “War Room.” Thanks, Kimberly!

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