Entrusted with Little

Molly has a personal and transparent post to share with you today. Molly Hilbert is the Web Administrator here and many of you have enjoyed reading her guest posts on the blog. I love what she’s written for you today, and I know you’ll appreciate her heart.

From Molly’s Pen ~


Entrusted with Little

The alarm goes off early and I hit snooze a few times before finally pushing myself out of bed. I throw on my work clothes, pull back my hair, brush my teeth, and put on a little makeup. Before walking out the door I make coffee for two while my husband scrapes the ice and snow off the car. I kiss him goodbye and drive to work.

I work eight hours, loading food trays, pushing carts filled with the trays and then delivering them to patients’ rooms in the hospital. I pick up the dirty food trays and deliver them to the kitchen. I ask for the patient’s meal orders and record them in my tablet, doing this from room to room to room until each patient on the floor has an order in. Eight hours later, I drive home.

I pick my husband up from work and (sometimes) drive over to the gym and get in a workout before coming home to cook dinner. I have dinner with my husband and catch up from our day apart. I do the dishes and clean up the apartment so that my husband can work on his studies. I pull out meat from the freezer for tomorrow’s meal, maybe read a chapter or two of a book or call my family or do laundry or occasionally record my thoughts in my journal or blog.

We go to sleep and eight hours later we awake and the day begins again.

It is hard to be faithful in the small things.
In the mundane things.
In the every-day-to-do-list things that consume most of our time, our energy, our lives.

I believe that this is why Jesus says in Luke 16:10, Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

I am convinced that it is harder to be entrusted with “very little.” We look at those around us who have been entrusted with “much” and we wonder why God hasn’t given that to us, too. We see pastors behind pulpits preaching to hundreds of people every week. We see evangelists and authors and speakers and professors and lawyers and people making a big difference each and every day in others’ lives, people who have been entrusted with much.

But what of us who have been entrusted with “little”? With getting up, going to our 9-5, cooking dinner, doing the dishes, keeping up with the house, washing clothes, paying the bills? Wife, husband, mom, dad, sister, brother, daughter, son… What of us whose names don’t extend much further than these titles?

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…”

What if instead of wishing for the “much,” I embrace the here and now and be faithful with the “little” that God has given me? I am not ready for the “much” that I want until I am content with the “little” that God has given me to be faithful with. Perhaps I will see that this “little” God has given me is actually “much” if I were just to embrace it and be thankful for it and be joyful in it and be faithful to it.

God has entrusted me with the role of being a wife. Perhaps the faithfulness lies in those goodbye kisses, those dinners planned, those meals made, those clothes washed and put away, those dishes done, those encouraging words when they’re needed. Perhaps the faithfulness lies in loving my husband selflessly and sacrificially. Maybe it lies in working a full time job so that he can work part time and go to seminary and become, Lord willing, the pastor we believe the Lord is calling him to be.

God has entrusted me with a job at a hospital. Perhaps the faithfulness lies in helping out my co-workers even when I’d rather get ahead in my own work. What if it lies in showing Christ’s love to those who are bedridden and dying by giving them a loving presence and encouraging word? Maybe the faithfulness lies in being Jesus to them by going out of my way and doing above and beyond my job description even when I am tired or my feet hurt from walking all day.

God has entrusted me with gifts and things that I enjoy. Perhaps the faithfulness lies in giving Him honor with them, by cooking for others and having them into our home or by writing a note to someone who needs encouragement. Maybe it lies in writing out those things God is teaching me or in learning a new skill so that I can fill a needed spot at my church.

God has entrusted me with Himself. Perhaps the faithfulness lies in spending time with Him each day, in loving Him through how I speak and act and treat those around me. Perhaps it lies in being obedient to Him each day, in the small and the big things.

It is hard to be faithful with the “little” but it is not until we are content with this that we are mature enough to handle the “much.” It is not until we are able to accept the “little” that He has given us that we will be able to take hold of the “much.”

It is not until we embrace the “little” and live the specific lives He has given us in the here and now, being faithful in each and every circumstance, that we will realize that this “little” we are so discontent with is, in fact, the “much” we are seeking after.

He asks us to be faithful to Him with the specific life He has given each of us. That is the “much” we were all made for… to love Him, to know Him, to be faithful to Him – and to be loved by Him and known by Him as He is constantly and consistently faithful to us.

How can you be faithful today in the “little” that you have been given? Perhaps you will see that it is, indeed, the “much” you have been looking for.

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  • Gail

    Thank you for these encouraging words that brought tears to my eyes. I needed them years ago when I was a mother of young children but also need them in this “grandmother ” stage. The little things make a difference in each of our lives. I’m reminded that God shows His love and care for us daily in the “little things”.

  • Julie Musil

    Oh, Molly, this is such a beautiful post. I connected with it in many ways. There was a time when I thought “I’m only a mom.” Well, now I know that being “only a mom” is such a beautiful gift. In this time, in this season, God has given me the wonderful assignment of raising wonderful men. It is a task I take on with joy, knowing that I’m producing good fruit.

    Nothing is wasted. Ever. What you’re doing now is building a foundation for what you’ll do later. Plus, you are in ministry right where you are. Yes, you’re encouraging and lifting up the people around you. You are a guiding light and a wonderful example.

    He is leading you to exactly where He wants you to be…

  • admin

    It is amazing how in every season of life (wife, mother, grandmother) we are tempted to view our lives in this light, when all we are called to do is be faithful to Him in what He has entrusted to us (husband, children, grandchildren, etc.). Thank you for your comment, Gail. I’m sure the love that God shows you flows through to your grandchildren. That’s no “small” thing!

    -Molly Hilbert

  • admin

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Julie. You are so right in saying that nothing is wasted. Even if we prove to be unfaithful to what God has given us, He still redeems. Amazing.

    -Molly Hilbert