Men Who Love Fierce Women

Fierce Women was released four years ago, and since then we’ve received requests from husbands (and a few wives, too) for a book written specifically for men who are married to women who can be, well, hard to lead. My husband is kind of an expert in that department.

We didn’t approach a publisher. We didn’t jump into writing a book, we just prayed. We carried the burden, but we waited. Then God showed up with the assignment for us to write the book. If you missed the story of how that happened, you can check it out here.

Thank you for praying! We are still in the process of finalizing things, but I’m excited to share with you the cover of the book and also let you know that you can pre-order it now. It won’t be released until September, but Amazon is giving a (small) discount if you pre-order.

You can do that by clicking here.

We’re not trying to “sell” the book, but we are hoping to spread the message to couples who’ve lost hope, that God is able to step into your pain and bring redemption. Please join us in asking God to reach many men with LeRoy’s story, with God’s story of how He changed our lives and saved our marriage.

Thank you for being part of all God will do through this book by praying for us all along the way! I love you, friends, you’ve been a gift of encouragement to me as we worked on this project.


  • Randy Baker

    I first heard of your story on Focus on the Family radio. I was drawn to your message of hope for my marriage. My wife & I have been married 34 years. It has been a difficult relationship. Finally somebody has put words to what I have been experiencing, the fierce woman/fearful man syndrome. Our marriage parallels your story. I bought & read your book “Fierce Women” and it is very similar to what I have been going through for decades. The key point I hear in your story is that nothing changed until GOD spoke to Kimberly. I am depressed in my conclusion that until GOD speaks, my wife will not hear. I believe a fierce woman will not hear from any person but God. Do you have any advice for men who’s wives will not hear?

  • LeRoy Wagner

    Hello, Randy,

    First of all, so sorry man, for the dark place where you are right now, been there, and I know how hard that is. Don’t give up and don’t stop praying. Yes, Kim changed first, yes, God spoke to her, but He can do that in your wife’s life as well.

    Have you watched our marriage video? We recommend for couples to watch this together and then hold a kind and honest conversation about the similarities that they see in their own marriage:

    I encourage you to humbly confess to your wife any ways you’ve failed to be a fearless leader for her. Let her know that you know you have much room to grow, but you are committed to working at your relationship. If you aren’t praying with your wife–start there. Take her hand and pray out loud for her. Pray for real needs that she has, ask her where she is struggling, what pressures she is facing, what heartaches she is experiencing, and then pray with her for those things.

    I hope you’ll stay tuned here on the blog, we’re preparing some posts on marriage that will run in a few weeks. Also, I think you’ll find some practical help in the book.

    34 years is a long time, Randy, to live in a miserable marriage, but I commend you for not walking away. God is able to work in your life, to transform both you and your wife. Believe that. HE can!

    Kim and I are lifting you up in prayer,

  • Randy Baker

    Thank You LeRoy for responding to my post. Reading your response encourages me. I will take your advice and start praying with my wife and trust the Holy Spirit to move in our hearts and open our ears. It is terrifying for me to consider letting down my emotional armor and facing her. I am excited about the future posts your mentioned and your new book.


  • Arlene

    My life has been more like fierce man/fearful woman syndrome. My husband is a “microscopic manager”. I am tired!!

  • Paul

    Dear Mr Mrs Wagner,
    I have just listened to your podcast on the Gary Chapman site.
    Thank you for all your wisdom and openness, it was a very touching event in my life today listening to your story.
    I have been in the cave for 16 years, very lonely due to a successful? intensive international ministry situation, my tiger wife has just started to stop, think and ask questions at the cave door, I feel there is light, male instruction and Safety because of your message.
    I got so much out of what you both said, well done, thank you, keep broadcasting this.

  • Lori Bridgett- Knox

    Discovery of this material is so timely in my life. I just listened to your story on Focus on the Family and I am so thankful for your transparency. Your testimony is powerful and has given me hope.

    I am recently married to a Pastor (August 4, 2017)and connect with your story and testimony. I love my husband very much and do not want to dishonor him in any way; yet, I need to talk with someone concerning our marriage. My understanding of biblical submission is clear and I lift my husband before the Lord in prayer daily. I will study Colossians 2 as recommended and continue to pray for my husband daily and seek God’s direction in prayer.

    Thank you and I will pray for you and LeRoy that your ministry will continue to be a tremendous help and blessing to others.

  • Anonymous

    I am getting your book and Thank You soooo much for this great wisdom from heaven. I am in a relationship w a fierce woman and I am asking for prayers please that she will hear and be obedient to Gods voice and give up people and things that are not her assignment.