God’s Heart is Always “Yes!”

The bulk of my counseling is with women who’ve lost hope. They may not say it in those words exactly, but the bottom line is, they’ve stopped believing that God will come through for them. And by “come through for them,” I don’t mean that they’ll get from Him exactly what they’re asking for, I just mean that they’ve stopped believing that God is “for them” in the sense that Psalm 56:9 means:

“This I know, that God is for me . . . in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.”

It’s like my husband wrote in his devotional this week:

“Trusting our God means trusting His goodness. Even when His plan doesn’t appear to be all that good to us. He always desires what ultimately is best for us. God’s heart toward us is not “yes” one minute and “no” the next, “in Him is always Yes.” That doesn’t mean he never says no to us. Even when He says no, it is really a “Yes” because it is best.”

When we forget that God’s heart is “for us,” we wander into fear and hopelessness.

The loss of hope is an open door to fear, and fear is the favorite weapon of the enemy of our soul.

Yesterday, I talked about shutting the door on regret. Regret looks back at past events that fill us with shame. The enemy uses regret to pound us with condemnation. Regret convinces us that because of the past, we should fear the future.

Worry looks to the future with fear. Worry strips you of hope and leaves you shivering in the dark. Worry is the flipside of regret. Regret beats you up over what you’ve done in the past and worry paralyzes you from moving into the future.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at some worry-abolishing truth to give you a handle on battling worry!

Today, consider what it means to know that God is “for you.” 

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  • Julie Musil

    Boy, can I relate to this post! I’m learning that worry is the wrong kind of “meditating.” Sadly, worry and fear come too naturally for me. I’m also learning that I don’t have to accept worry and fear. That part is something I’m working on!