How to Succeed as a Woman of Influence

She was my first grade teacher and I adored her. Her dark emerald earrings would always catch the light, as they dangled slightly, while she bent down to talk with me. Her voice was calm, gentle, reassuring. She was beautiful inside and out. Five decades later, I can still recall her kind smile and gracious demeanor. Mrs. Reed wasn’t an aloof instructor, she came close and personally connected. She was the kind of teacher that influenced and inspired her students. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

You may not think you hold a position of influence, but you do. You leave an impression with every person you encounter. You have the opportunity to invest in and influence friends, family members, and coworkers. Or you can fail.

You may feel like you don’t have the ability to be a woman of influence. You may think you’re insignificant and unable to make an impact in anyone’s life. You may believe you’re a failure when it comes to inspiring others. You may be convinced that you don’t have the abilities necessary to influence others.

Failure has more to do with how we approach opportunities than with our lack of abilities.

5 Ways to Fail as Woman of Influence:

1. Focus on the agenda rather than on those you serve.
2. Unload your personality as a force rather than a gift.
3. Be more concerned about yourself than the needs of those around you.
4. Pressure those in your sphere of influence rather than encourage them.
5. Manipulate rather than inspire.

In contrast to that, the “Characteristics of a Beautifully Fierce Woman” provides the heart attitudes for success as a woman of Influence:

Characteristics of a Beautiful Fierce Woman:
1. Her identity and value are rooted in her relationship with Christ.
2. She’s filled with gratitude for God’s good gifts. Her heart is ruled by the peace of contentment.
3. She courageously faces her fears rather than running or hiding in shame.
4. She’s passionate about things that matter rather than living for the trivial.
5. She loves God and others. She’s more focused on giving love than getting love.
6. She’s willing to battle for a worthy cause rather than shrinking in defeat.
7. She grabs the hem of God’s will and doesn’t let go.
8. She protects and defends the helpless rather than using her strength to bully others. She is known as a sincere encourager.
9. She’s honest but kind.
10. Others feel comfortable in seeking her counsel.
11. She embraces God’s Word as her ultimate authority rather than being swayed by the voices of the culture.
12. She faithfully confronts by speaking truth in love rather than enabling sin by keeping silent.
13. She walks in confidence and humility which flows from her recognition of Christ’s work of grace in her life.
14. She has the power to influence and inspire because she lives under the Spirit’s control.
15. Her life is lived all out for God’s glory rather than the smallness of self.1
This is who I want to be when I grow up! A woman who inspires others to live all out for God’s glory. I pray for God to raise up an army of women who will influence and impact their generation and also the one coming behind them!

How about it? Are you failing as a woman of influence? Do you recognize some changes that need to be made in order to impact others?
1Excerpt from Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior © 2012• Kimberly Wagner • Moody Publishers

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  • Robyne Cote

    Hello Kimberly,
    Thank you for this word! I am inspired, encouraged, convicted and hopeful as I step into a new place in my life, and the list above is a wonderful resource to guide and to focus the work that I am setting forth to do. I just accepted a position at our local middle school as a school counselor – even though I am not even quite halfway through my masters program for this position. I know God has called me to this, and although I am terrified and excited at the same time, I know that he will equip me with all that I need to succeed at this – which means making a difference in the lives of others – for his glory. Thank you for being a woman of influence and for setting an example in humility and grace that we can all follow.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Robyne ~

    What an awesome opportunity God is giving you! I’m so excited to think about you having the opportunity to impact this next generation–for His glory! Being “terrified” is a good thing in one sense, it will keep you dependent on and seeking God’s empowerment, rather than depending on your own skill. He will use your skills, training, and education–but ultimately, it is His Spirit that will give you the insight, courage, and discernment needed for this assignment. I am thrilled for you to be in this position and praying now for a sense of God’s favor and commissioning for this very important mission.

    “Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!” (Psalm 90:17)

    Let us hear how things are going 🙂