The Bathroom Door is Swinging Wide Open

Have you noticed how rapidly things are changing in our nation? Do you wonder what is happening? In one sense, it’s the same thing that has been happening since Eve’s fatal choice in the Garden of Eden. Remember her choice?

Rather than gratefully embracing her identity: image bearer of God, Eve chose to switch identities. Privileged as an image bearer of God, the identity that her Creator gave to her (His rightful determination, by the way, as the Creator), in defiance, Eve determined that she would reinvent herself and redefine her identity. Eve made the choice to step into the role of “god.”

Whenever we choose to reject our created identity, we are making the choice to be our own “god.”

That is what is happening in our culture. The issue behind the SCOTUS decision last year, the issue behind the transgender movement’s agenda to push open the bathroom door to allow males and females into either restroom depending on how they identify themselves, the pressure to celebrate same-sex marriage, all stems from this point.

Man has determined to be his own god.

Last week, I shared a post on the True Woman Blog, addressing the current debate over the transgender bathroom issue. I’m calling on us to have a compassionate response to this issue and I hope you’ll go to the True Woman Blog to read that post by clicking here.

Children are the ones who will be most affected by the drastic changes occurring in our culture and if you have little ones, you’ll want to read Jeanne Harrison’s post on how to answer their questions. You can read that post by clicking here.

If you agree with these posts, I hope you’ll share them with others. We’ve remained silent for far too long.

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