My Amazing Man

Today, I’m celebrating the man I love. Thank you, Father, for sending him into my life and using him to challenge me in ways no one else has. Thank you, LeRoy for your love for your Savior and your commitment to His Word. Thank you for your patience with me, your encouragement and gracious temperament.

More than any other man I’ve ever known, you look like Christ to me. You are a humble servant leader. You demonstrate sacrificial love and generosity. You are faithful in every way, attentive to my needs, long-suffering with my quirks and kind in your remarks. You give me courage when my heart is fearful, leadership when the terrain is rocky and inspiration when I’m weary and wounded.

You wrote out this description as a personal challenge, but I’m grateful for how you are calling other men to live this out:

Characteristics of the Courageous Leader:

  1. In strength and dignity he bears the image of God and his deepest identity is found in his relationship with Christ.
  1. He fears God alone. His love for God is the motive that allows him to lead well.
  1. He knows his assignment and lives to accomplish it.
  1. When faced with overwhelming obstacles, and daunting challenges, he pushes past the pain and trusts in His God.
  1. He accepts the mantle of leadership that God has placed upon him, seeing it not as a burden, but a privilege.
  1. He knows that his strength lies solely in his humility before God and his complete dependence on Christ.
  1. He is not ashamed to love with passion, conviction, and sacrifice.
  1. If required, he willingly lays down his life for his God, God’s truth, his wife, his children, or anyone else who should need a defender or rescuer.
  1. He is generous with all he has, regretting only that he does not have more to give.
  1. While others may wither, complain, or retreat in the storms of battle, trial, and affliction—by God’s grace he is the warrior that continues to stand.
  1. He is known as a man of his word.
  1. He is known by his strength of character, and his tenderness of heart.
  1. He wears the mantle of a prophet with conviction and courage but with a heart to administer grace to the listener.
  1. As a recipient of God’s grace and forgiveness, he freely extends God’s grace and forgiveness to others.
  1. His singular purpose is to glorify God.

And I’m eternally grateful that I see you living this out, LeRoy, not perfectly (but almost!), but you continue to press into God’s grace for the source of your strength to be that courageous leader.

Thank you for having the courage to ask one really fierce woman to spend the rest of her life with you, and thank you for being the one man who could patiently lead and love me well!


  • Ope'

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much LeRoy Wagner you such an Encouragement! Thank you so much Kimberly Wagner you such a great Inspiration! Thank You for being a continuous Blessing! xx

    #MenWhoLoveFierceWomen #FierceWomen