Totally Blown Away That Today is The Day!

Jesus takes broken, ordinary, needy, little people—like you and me—and through the gospel He transforms us from our ugly yuck into the beautiful image of Christ. This way others aren’t distracted by the container, the earthen vessel, or the lowly donkey—they just see Jesus.

Remember Moses’ shock at being summoned for his assignment? I think the Master likes doing that . . . He seems to enjoy sending out invitations to display His glory through the most unlikely sources. It’s like when He places the glorious treasure of the gospel in earthen vessels (um, that’s you and me). Like when He chose a donkey instead of a white Arabian stallion.

Kind of like when he chose to display the power of the gospel through our marriage.

Today, is book release day.

And we’re totally blown away. Totally amazed.

If you would’ve told me, at the darkest point of our marital misery, that one day God would deliver us from our suffering, that He would set us free and give us greater joy (including actual enjoyment of one another) than I could imagine . . . I probably wouldn’t have believed you because I’d given up all hope for anything like that. Not only did God do more than I could’ve asked, He did more than we could’ve imagined by sending an invitation to display His beauty through our marriage. He invited us to spread His glory—through the story of how He redeemed our marriage.

I keep telling people that I feel so much like that little donkey.

When I refer to that little guy, people look a bit confused. The “little donkey” I’m talking about is the one who had a huge assignment, a God-ordained mission that was much bigger than him and one that left him feeling totally unworthy and inadequate. And that’s exactly how LeRoy and I feel.

We are completely unworthy to display such treasure, and yet this King delights in using the small, the needy, and the ordinary . . . to accomplish the extraordinary.

Imagine receiving an invitation to a King’s royal coronation and join in his celebration march into the city. But wait, this isn’t any king . . . this is THE King . . . the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! You would probably expect Him to come riding in on an amazing steed—the picture of strength and power. And one day He will, but on this day, Jesus didn’t summons a mighty stallion to carry Him into Jerusalem for his last major public appearance before the cross . . .

Nope, true to form He chose the foal of a donkey.

[box]“As they approached Jerusalem, at Bethphage and Bethany, near the Mount of Olives, He sent two of His disciples, and said to them, “Go into the village opposite you, and immediately as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, on which no one yet has ever sat; untie it and bring it here. “If anyone says to you, ‘Why are you doing this?’ you say, ‘The Lord has need of it’; and immediately he will send it back here.” (Mark 11:1–3)[/box]

I say true to form because I think God loves using the unexpected. He seems to delight in taking the ordinary and using it to display the extraordinary. I love the fact that the Lord chose a very simple, young, untried, and humble creature, to carry Him into the city that day.

No one was talking about the mount Jesus rode but instead all eyes were fixed on the Master.

I can relate so well to that donkey. I’m amazed every time the Master summons me to a task I’m unworthy of—knowing it is way out of my league. (I’m always wishing I had time to work on improving my abilities before jumping into service!) The Master chose that little foal, exactly like he was, because Jesus said He had “need of it.”

Jesus had a big assignment for that little guy and chose him above the most coveted steed in Jerusalem.

After performing his duty, the young foal probably returned to his owner with little notice or fanfare. But think about what an incredible opportunity that little donkey was given—to display the King to the world! No one noticed the mount the Savior rode. As it should be, all eyes were fixed on the King.

It was his one shining moment as a humble servant—carrying Grandeur.

That little guy could never draw attention away from the King; he could never steal His glory . . . he was merely the vessel to bear Glory.

And isn’t that what each of us should be . . . no matter the assignment?

Humble Glory-bearers?

Aren’t we all summoned for His glory alone to be seen—overshadowing us?

When He chooses broken, ordinary, needy, little people—like you and me—to serve as containers of the glorious gospel, then others aren’t distracted by the container, the earthen vessel, or the lowly donkey—they just see Jesus.

Glory overshadowing us.

That way He alone gets the glory and that’s what it’s all about.     

When I ask you to share with others our story, that’s what I’m praying they see, His work, His beauty, His power. We’re unworthy to serve as vessels, or as lowly donkeys, but He invites us into a relationship with Him that provides the grace to walk “worthy of the gospel of Christ.”

We are given this life to display shining moments daily—carrying the glorious and triumphant King to the world! That is our desire and what we pray will happen as this new book is sent out.

Today the book releases. Will you join us in praying for couples who need to read this message? For husbands who’ve lost hope? Will you join us in asking God to deliver His good news of redemption through this resource?

Men Who Love Fierce Women is available now, we hope you’ll spread the word about God’s desire to take the ordinary and do the extraordinary! He invites the lowly to bear His glory.

How has He summoned you to be the Glory bearer today?


  • Jeannie Bargen

    May this book be the most “passed around” marriage book ever. Expecting a rise in joyful marriages that point to the Giver of true and eternal joy.

  • Vivian Etherington

    I love this! And wow….. Just amazed at what God has done and what He is doing through you and LeRoy! And I am SO grateful to have a part through prayer and being on the launch team AND most of all to have personally benefitted from your story before it was ever published! I love what you said here about being “humble glory-bearers” and “Glory overshadowing us”. It’s your heartbeat,Kim and it comes out loud and clear whenever we talk or pray! Praying these books have far-reaching affects; pray for us as we use them to help some marriages in our circle of influence. Love you! To God be the glory!

  • Renee

    Prayers appreciated as my husband and I are truly in a spiritual battle, fighting for our marriage. There is pride, self-reliance, denial, unforgiveness, score-keeping and on and on. Our marriage is broken and only God can save it. Please pray.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Renee ~

    I am so sorry for the painful battle you and your husband are experiencing. You are listing all the things I was guilty of for several years. God was gracious to open my eyes and give me grace for repentance. I pray that He does the same for both of you. May He open eyes, open hearts, and provide the means for forgiveness.

    I encourage you and your husband to watch our marriage video together and hopefully, it might open the door for a calm discussion about the need to work toward unity. It would also be helpful if both of you could go through our books at the same time (“Fierce Women” and “Men Who Love Fierce Women”).

    This is the link to the video:

    Pausing to pray for you both now, may God bring a gracious rescue–He is able!! (Ephesians 3:20–21)

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you, Julie! Unbelievable all God is doing. He amazes me. Sorry my reply took so long–things have been a tad crazy, but in a good way 🙂

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Thank you, Jody! I’ll never forget that you were the FIRST person to leave a review of “Fierce Women” online. Thank you for that, dear friend. Thank you especially for joining us in prayer for the many marriages who are in need of hope and restoration!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Oh, yes, I join you in that prayer, Jeannie! May God be brought great glory, may the Church reflect His beauty and wonder–through transformed marriages!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Viv,

    It has been quite a journey, hasn’t it? Totally amazing all God has done and is doing!We re grateful for your support, kindness, and prayers.

    Sorry my reply took so long–things have been a tad crazy, but in a good way 🙂

    Love you, friend!