Trusting God in a Fear-Filled World

Another shooting, another bombing, another headline that screams for our attention and sends fresh waves of fear. You may be ignoring the headlines or hiding your head in the sand when it comes to world events—but many of you may be suffocating in your own personal fears. I’ve dealt with fear a bit, and I want to share some truths I’ve found helpful.

When your heart is overwhelmed with fear, when terror breathes down your neck, hearing the counsel to “just trust God” can seem unrealistic and unsympathetic. But intentionally moving your heart to a place of trust is the safest, most reasonable, and realistic thing you can do.

Trusting God isn’t easy. It requires something, and it’s a hard choice. But it’s a choice that’s easier to make with a weighty bit of knowledge.

Today, I hope you’ll join me over on the True Woman Blog as I share with you: Five Not-So-Easy Ways to Trust God.

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