How to Cry Out for Spiritual Power!

Are you enduring a painful journey where you see no real solution? Have you grown so weary that you’ve almost given up? If I were to list all the tragic stories I’ve heard recently, told you the relentless attack I’ve seen as the enemy pounds another believer, you might lose heart. The world seems to be falling apart—and your world may be as well, but we’ve not been left powerless against the onslaught.

We are experiencing the groans of life under the fall, but also the whiplash of being hit repeatedly by the enemy’s terrorizing tactics. (Don’t watch the news too much or you’ll begin to think that he’s the one in charge.)

Don’t lose hope, the battle is not over, and God is on the move!

The enemy has launched a frontal attack. His signature is a combination of slander against God’s truth, goodness, and power. He pounces on every opportunity to uproot confidence in God’s reality and is delighted when the nations mock God. His tactics aren’t new. He’s been at this a long time—but, never forget—we have the advantage.

How should we respond when under enemy fire?

Lay it all out. Talk to the Deliverer. 

One of my favorite prayer scenes in all of Scripture is found in 2 Kings 18–19. If you spend time soaking in these chapters, you’ll recognize the enemy’s familiar refrains spewing from Rabshekah’s mouth as he taunts those who trust in God and then ultimately blasphemes God by implying He’s no different than the gods of other nations.

When the vicious threats reach the king’s ear, he knows just what to do. He goes to prayer. Hezekiah humbles himself and seeks God for his nation’s deliverance. He calls on others to join him in the intercession effort, and when the enemy turns up the heat through an official dispatch . . . 

Hezekiah sets aside everything and gets alone to lay it all out before God.

In childlike trust this mighty king takes the enemy’s pompous letter and literally spreads it out before God.

I love his opening statement:

“O Lord . . . You are the God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth . . .”

Recognition of the Almighty then leads to the heart of Hezekiah’s appeal (please don’t miss this!!) . . .

“Deliver us from his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You alone are God.”

He doesn’t ask for deliverance for his own sake, or even for the safety, comfort, or prosperity of the nation. He asks for deliverance so that God’s great name can be known far and wide as the one and only, the true and living–God! He wants God’s name and reputation to be vindicated!

What a prayer!

What battle strategy against the enemy’s arsenal!

When we pray from the basis of God’s glory—we are praying from a position of spiritual power.

Scoffers say that prayers are useless, that we’re crying out senselessly, but those who know Him, know that He is a God who answers prayer. He is at work and when we pray from the basis of God’s glory—we’re praying from a position of spiritual power.

I want His great name to be known and vindicated in our own nation. I desire for all to know that He alone is God. Will you join me in crying out for that?

How about you? Are you ready to get serious about it?

Ready to lay it all out?

Image courtesy of Castillo Dominici


  • Julie Musil

    Kimberly, your opening paragraph is where I’m at in life right now. You nailed it. I’ve been praying actively, but your post encouraged me to pray differently. Not from a “me” perspective but from a “Him” perspective. It truly helps me to see things differently. Thank you!

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Praise the Lord, Julie! Grateful He spoke to you through this post today. Praying from His perspective allows us to truly pray “according to His will” with surrendered and God-glorifying intercession.

    May He meet with you in those quiet moments of prayer ~