Join Us on Our Canada Mission?

There is nothing quite like watching the Holy Spirit sweep across a sanctuary or conference center and begin to grip women’s hearts, to shake them to the core with first realization, then repentance, confession, and finally freedom! I love ministering to women, love teaching the Word and watching God apply it individually to the listener according to the need of the moment.

I love watching God set women free. I love teaching women—but do you know what I love more?

I am so grateful for every opportunity that my husband and I have to minister together to couples. Too many times I’ve watched women leave a conference with a heart to see change in her marriage and go home to a husband that’s not encountered the same movement of God, the same truth from His Word and that husband resists her attempts at seeking forgiveness or having a humble truth talk with him.

Today, LeRoy and I begin a weekend marriage conference in Ft St John.

It’s an ordinary village in British Columbia, but that’s one thing I’m so excited about . . . God is known to do the extraordinary in the most ordinary and humble of places. He is known to show up unexpectedly and tremendously where you would least expect. He chose to bring the greatest birth to the small and insignificant town of Bethlehem. He’s delighted to use an unknown and inferior village like Nazareth to raise a King. He used a donkey to carry the Light of the World. He delights in doing what man says can’t be done. And that’s what gets my blood pumping!

Will you pray for the couples (and a few singles) who’ll be attending, asking God to meet individually, to open eyes, to transform hearts and marriages? Will you pray that we will be faithful stewards of the Word? That we will honor Him as we speak truth, that we will be sensitive to the Spirit, and cognizant of the great needs around us?

Will you pray for God to begin doing a work in marriages within the Church that will validate the power of the gospel? It is no wonder that the children of our generation are rejecting the Christian faith when they’ve seen no credible evidence for God’s reality within our marriages. We need transformation. Will you pray?

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  • Leanne Johnson

    I’m praying for the two of you!! May the Lord anoint you with fresh oil to clearly convey His word and may the soil of the hearts of those in attendance be rich and fertile so the seed of His word would be planted, take root, and grow into an abundant harvest for His glory!!

  • Tamara Volz

    My husband and I were 1 of the couples who were richly blessed by Kim and LeRoy this weekend and would personally like to say thank you to all those who prayed for us this weekend! It was a wonderful time of marriage renewal and insite and we are ever greatful for it! God bless, From British Columbia.