Celebrating Thirty-Five Years

Thirty-five years ago I was an excited, naïve young bride. On my wedding day, I woke early and was very intentional about marking the moments of my day like a treasured photo album as I stored away each memory:

Quiet moments in prayer . . .

An extremely long bubble bath . . .

My dad bringing a sandwich to my bedroom (my “hideout” for the day) for lunch . . .

The overcast skies that spread into sunshine before evening fell . . .

My mom putting my veil in place at her vanity . . .

Hundreds of friends and family gathered in my parent’s front yard for a sunset service . . .

My dad standing with me at the corner of the house, the same corner where I would greet him when he came home from work since I was four years old . . .

My eyes brimming a bit as my dad looked down at me, taking me by the arm to give me away, tears of joy and excitement but also pensive tears marking the passage of time; the old is gone and the new has come . . .

And I remember making my way through the baskets of lavender mums as I walked the long aisle toward you, and the expectant look of young love on your face.

I am so grateful for the day we entered our sacred covenant with God—committing our lives to one another in marriage. I’ve often failed to honor you as I should, love you as you deserve, listen with an attentive ear, speak with a tender voice, surrender my desire to control, affirm and encourage you to lead, or follow with a willing heart. I am thankful you’ve been patient and forgiving.

You, more than any other I’ve ever known, look like Christ to me. You are a humble servant leader. You demonstrate sacrificial love and generosity. You are faithful in every way, attentive to my needs, long-suffering with my quirks and kind in your remarks. You give me courage when my heart is fearful, leadership when the terrain is rocky and inspiration when I’m weary and wounded.

Thank you for staying true to our marriage covenant in the years when we’d lost all hope and were living as strangers. Thank you for loving me today more fully, deeply, and surely than I ever could’ve dreamed possible. Thank you for being my faithful friend and lover.

Thank you for more than three decades of commitment. I’m so excited about and anticipating what lies ahead!

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  • Tambra Lucas

    Love love love this! I have read both of your books they are “phenomenal” They speak of unimaginable “Hope” for all marriages no matter how bad or desperate things seem your story can bring hope to so many hurting marriages. And your marriage testimony is a story of Divine titanium comitment to Christ and each other! Happy Anniversary! You are two precious people that have made a huge difference in our lives and our marriage. Your marriage has revealed God’s Glory and displayed so many lovely things and your testimony has given spiritual nuggets of Truth , and godly guidance we would have never learned without your teaching and leadership! So many marriages fail because they really do not understand what a biblical marriage looks like. I pray that many read these books and began to look at themselves instead of directing blame to each other, extend forgiveness and start enjoying their lives together and allow God to work in their marriages!
    We love you both very much! Fred and Tambra

  • Leonor

    Happy anniversary Kimberly!!
    Your life and transparency are great tools
    that God is using to shape my husband and I marriage!
    May God continue to redeem each a every day of your marriage
    for His glory and the advance of his Kingdom! Much joy for you and LeRoy! ❤️