What Does Your Marriage Need Most?

We were in the darkest season of our marriage, both of us felt like things were hopeless, but we reached out to another pastor for marriage counsel. At one point in that first session, the counselor looked at me and said, “Kim, what one thing do you want most from LeRoy?”

“For him to pray with me.”

That one request, that seemed to me should be easy for LeRoy to fulfill, was a mountain too high for him to climb for the first several years of our marriage. He later told me that he felt intimidated by me, didn’t feel comfortable praying with me, and also had built up a wall of resistance and bitterness toward me. That wall prevented him from reaching out to pray with me.

You may never have prayed with your spouse before, and some people find this a difficult first step, but praying together invites the Holy Spirit to be involved, directing, and providing you with the grace your marriage so desperately needs. We encourage you to invite your spouse to watch the video below with you and spend a few moments reading through 1 Peter 3:7–11 together. Then ask the Holy Spirit to direct you in this conversation time together.

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