What Servant Leadership in Marriage Looks Like

“These little things…these little factors began to build up and tear us apart, they became a wall between us. I felt that in everything Kim was far superior to me. And she felt like she needed to help bring me up to speed constantly to at least be an equal to her. But I only heard that as I’m inferior: ‘You can never do anything right. Why did you do this? Why did you do it this way? Why didn’t you go about it this other way? Why did you park here when you could have parked over there?’

It began to translate into just a great destructive gap in our lives and in our marriage. I felt completely incapable of being the husband and being the man.

That was a small portion of what LeRoy shared when we had the opportunity to visit with Neil Stavem on the Connecting Faith radio program last week. We never tire of sharing our story because it’s not really our story . . . it is the story of God’s gracious mercy and redemption at work in our marriage.

We encourage couples to pull up our marriage videos and listen online to radio programs where we share suggestions on how to build unity in your marriage. If you and your husband need some encouragement along those lines right now, I hope you’ll check out some of those resources.

If you’d like to hear LeRoy talk about “How to Develop Servant Leadership in Your Marriage” (and I chime in a bit, too), check out this link and listen online:

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