Do You Believe God Can Do the Unbelievable?

We stayed a couple of nights with a young pastor and his wife who are planting a church in an area that seems to be a spiritual wasteland. We spent the evening talking about how we’ve seen God work in incredible and mind-blowing ways. LeRoy and I have served as many years in ministry as this precious couple has been alive. They are walking by faith in an area where most would not expect to see the kind of revival they are asking God to bring, but they’ve seen Him answer some big prayers already, and they are asking Him for the “unbelievable” that God delights in bringing.

We’ve walked with God long enough to experience a few glimpses of revival. Those glimpses whetted our appetites early on and revival became our heartbeat throughout our ministry. We are dreaming of a powerful move of God over our nation, where He is no longer mocked, but recognized as the good, sovereign, all powerful ruler that He is.

We are asking God for a mighty, mountain-moving, earth-quaking, nation-shaking movement of God.

Are you asking Him to do this?

Whenever we spend time with a younger couple whose hearts are captivated by God’s call and are trusting Him to do the extraordinary in the most ordinary of places, we know God is at work.

We join them in asking God to bring revival.

This is what we dream for. This is what we live for.

The burden to see another soul rescued from an excruciating, eternal separation from God—that’s what motivates us to share. Watching another dead soul leave a wake of destruction as they spiral out of control—places on us the urgency to offer the only hope. Knowing we’re in our final decades, and perhaps final days, wakes us with a fresh calling to share the story again, to call out the truth of redemption, to warn of judgment to come—but also offer the grace that is available now!

What are you living for?

Will you join us in asking for a God-Centered Revolution where:

  • People cannot get enough of the Word of God—they hungrily devour it, memorize it, meditate on it, and then (what a novel idea) they actually APPLY it to their daily lives!
  • Employees view their place of work as their mission field and live out their Christianity with integrity, graciousness, a God-centered work ethic, and sincere hospitality.
  • The cynicism of the age begins to close its mouth in wonder over the obvious work of God in people’s lives.

Who do you know that needs to hear the truth? Who will you talk to today, that needs the hope that only Jesus offers?

What will you do with the gospel you’ve been entrusted with?

God can set your friend free—have you let her know that?

Don’t be ashamed to share, don’t cave to the fear of man. Let Jesus’ words give you motivation to speak:

[box]For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels (Mark 8:38).[/box]

We are living in that sinful generation that Mark speaks of; we are the adulterous generation. This is the time to give the warning and offer the gospel.

Have you delayed to offer redemption to someone who desperately needs it? Will you share with them today?

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