When the Bond is Stronger than the Seen

A little more than two years ago we were here, for the first time. When we stood in front of the building in the fall of 2014, the large blue and white sign stirred familiar feelings even though we’d never before stepped onto the campus. This week, we walked through the front doors of Focus on the Family and once again experienced the warm welcome from a ministry we’ve long appreciated. From the receptionist in the foyer, to the maintenance man who stopped to chat with us a bit about our home state, to the program production team, and the hosts behind the microphones, we were surrounded by a caring community of believers.

A vibrant heart to reach out to the hurting, and sacrificially serve the body of Christ, clearly marked those we met at Focus. 

We’ve made a few friends here, one especially I count as a dear soul-sister; the bond is strong although we’ve spent only small amounts of time together. Although we rarely have opportunity to communicate much, the Lord knit our hearts together from the beginning, and we share that mysterious bond of love that only believers understand. I carry her story in my heart and lift up prayers for her needs when the Spirit reminds me, from hundreds of miles away.

Thank you, dear readers, for lifting us up last week as we sat down again with Jim Daly and John Fuller to share our story and our message for hurting couples (that will air in March). God’s presence was tangible as LeRoy and I revisited the painful past and relayed the amazing works God has done.

Whenever we share, I feel like jumping up and down to say, “Come and see! See what God has done. Consider His amazing power! Come and see!”

[box]“Come and see what God has done: he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man.” (Psalm 66:5)[/box]

Thank you for being part of all that He is doing as you pray for us! Although I may never sit down face to face with some of you, our bond is stronger than the physical. How does that happen? It can only be explained by understanding that we share the same bond of love, the same Father, the same Spirit, the same hope, passion, and mission. Our bond goes beyond the seen; its source and strength lies within the unseen.

Our bond stems from a shared passion to invite others to “Come and See!”

We have joined together, you and us, with God, to tell others what He has done!

What hurting couples do you need to encourage today with the story of what God can do?

Come and See!