Offering Online Marriage Help?

After Fierce Women was released, I started getting requests for marriage advice through social media, emails to this website, or women I’d meet at conferences. Every story I receive carries a depth of pain and confusion that hits me hard. Most reach out with the desire to find answers. Many of your stories bring tears to my eyes and I want to sit down and spend time with each of you, telling you how gracious God is and encouraging you to press into all He has for you through the pain. I pray for you as I read through your story.

When Men Who Love Fierce Women was released, those requests increased and now it isn’t just women asking me for help; men are begging for answers from both of us.

LeRoy and I are praying about setting up (online) a regular time to live stream with those of you who are interested. We’re considering doing this weekly or monthly (still talking and praying through the details) through Facebook. The way it could work is for us to choose a topic to talk about briefly, providing some marital encouragement or practical help, and then follow that up with answering some specific questions that you send in on this website or on the Facebook page.

It’s not that we need something else to add to our already full schedules, or that we’re fans of social media (neither of us are), or want to invade people’s personal space . . . we’re just praying about how to serve those of you who reach out needing answers and encouragement. Or maybe you just need to hear from a couple who’s been in the dark pit of marital misery and experienced God’s gracious rescue.

We’re seeking God and considering the best way to minister to hurting couples.

And we’d appreciate your help!

I hope you’ll respond to these questions and give us some needed input:

  1. Would a Facebook Livestream “Marriage Talk Time” be something you would be interested in?
  1. Do you think it could be a helpful resource for you or for your friends/loved ones?
  1. How often should we do this? Weekly? Monthly?
  1. Any suggestions for what we should call it?
  1. Would you participate?
  1. Would you tell others about this opportunity or share through social media?
  1. Will you join us in prayer for this ministry opportunity?

Ok, those are our questions. Ready, set, GO! Send us your answers below ~

Photo Credit: Lindsey Landrum Photography


  • Pauline Butler

    I do think it could be very helpful, Kim. As you are aware, many are struggling in their marriages. Mine is no exception. Marriage has been and continues to be under attack. I am always eager to receive whatever counsel I can get and would gladly share this ministry with other couples. Would Facebook be the only option for this livestream? I will pray for God’s leading and direction. I read a comment yesterday on one of your posts from a dear sister in Christ who is truly hurting in her marriage. It broke my heart. I could feel her pain and wanted to reach out to her. People need encouragement to press in, as you said, to all that God has for us through the pain. Blessings and thankfulness for all that you and your husband do.

  • Susan Baker

    I think it would be a great idea, Kim! I am sure I would benefit, but I am also thinking about my kids who are married. Everyone seems to be so busy these days (not necessarily a good thing) and so an online help would be great! I would absolutely share it through facebook as well. And you are right – there are a bunch of hurting marriages out there. Thank you for your commitment to listening to the Lord’s leading and your desire to help others.

  • Julie Musil

    Kimberly, I rarely go on facebook these days but yes, I’d be interested. Praying for you both as you make your decision. I admire and appreciate your faithfulness to the subject of marriage.

  • Debbie

    This would be a wonderful and very much needed resource for me. I am not on FB so hope there will will be another way to get to participate.

    Bi weekly or monthly.

    Yes, I will be in in prayer for this ministry opportunity.

    PS…Some days just listening to your words or your story has given me hope to get through the day.

  • Guerda Bornelus

    Good morning Kimberly,

    I’m going through trials and tribulations right now. My husband left me and my four children. It’s been so hard. I want to give up so bad. Please lift my marriage, my husband Pedro, my kids and myself in prayer.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Dear Guerda ~

    I am so very sorry dear friend! So very heartbreaking! Do you have a solid church family that is coming alongside you right now to offer help and support? I pray that you have some mature godly women who will walk with you through this.

    If Pedro claims to be a Christian, or if he is a member of a church, I hope the leadership of your church will meet with him and confront him in a humble and biblical way and seek reconciliation for your marriage.

    You might find this post (and some of the embedded links within it) helpful:

    LeRoy and I will pray for you, your children, and Pedro. May you see God work in a powerful way!

  • Sandra Diehl

    Yes please, this would be a huge help. Yes I would tell my friends and family. For sure weekly would be awesome. Count me in as long as its a time when I can get connected, like evening or late afternoon. Early morning works to. Or is it set up where we can check in anytime? Thanks so much for all your hard work and hearts that care about us. Blessings to you and your husband.

  • Bryce & Thelma Van Wyk

    Yes we are so very interested in this help. Weekly would be our vote. We will tell others, and will gladly participate. We are joining you in prayer about this. Thank you for your willingness to write these books. My husband and I are both reading them. We shared them with family members and they to are reading them. So prayerful that this “class” will happen.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Sandra, it would be on Facebook Live, but if you couldn’t catch it when we do the livestream, I think it can be accessed later, on our Facebook Page. It would be here:

    Good to hear from you, friend, the Lord has been bringing you and your marriage to mind often this week (especially with the Superbowl) and I’ve been lifting you in prayer. Love you much~

  • Shannon Hanes

    Yes I think it would be good. Yes I would be interested and do my best to take part. I need it weekly but I don’t want to give you to much work.yes I would participate and tell others. And yes I will pray.

  • Cathy

    Dear Leroy and Kimberly,
    Marriage it seems has been our cross to bear. It is the difficulty that Jesus uses to refine us…or at present boil up the yuck that is buried deep with in.
    I would welcome an on line resource that is live and one that can actually respond in “real” time!

    Dannah Gresh offers an online event …I think one every month or so. She just sends out a time and a link and we sign up. I like that method better than Face Book because it is more private and. Please ask her how it works….I just know that the format seems perfect for what you are suggesting.
    Looking so forward to meeting you on line 😊.
    Blessings to you both, Cathy in Canada 🇨🇦