That Non-Mushy-Man Totally Surprised Me!

Remember when I told you my favorite February memory? That February, before we were married, when LeRoy was working hard to win my heart and sent me gifts fourteen days in a row? (Single men typically have more money and more incentive for romance, just sayin’.)

Remember that he surprised me by taking me on a “Deep South” tour? And remember when I said that was the most “mushiness” my man ever showed me? He tells people all the time that he used up all his romance factor in those two weeks.

This week, that non-mushy-man completely surprised me, again!

We don’t typically do much for Valentine’s Day. Not that we boycott the holiday or anything, it’s just not been a “must” for us. There have been several years that either he’s been out of town, or we’ve needed to be at the hospital for a loved one, or we’ve stayed with a young couple’s children so they could have a date night, or some other unexpected event popped up on February 14. So, I gave up expectations for celebrating this day, years ago.

But this week, LeRoy surprised me big time. He claims that he didn’t read that blog post that I shared with you all when this month began, but he came up with the idea totally without any nudge from me. He was cleaning out a drawer this week and came across some Valentine’s Day cards that I’d given him in the past, and that turned on the ignition of his “romance engine.”

Taking the Deep South Tour Again!  

We’re just taking off like a couple of kids and heading down south again to tour a few of the historic sites and enjoy being together. I’m leaving my laptop at home (typically when we do road trips, he drives while I work on the computer). It won’t be an elaborate trip, just enough time to get away together and breathe a bit. It’ll give us the opportunity to share something we both love: meaningful historic sites (Yes, we even like to read all of those markers!) and beautiful rural landscapes.

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Should I Keep My Mouth Shut?

I hesitated to share this post, at first, because I know that some of you are in a deeply painful season and today is a fresh reminder of your loss. My heart goes out to you, and if you and your spouse are living in separate worlds, I long for you to experience joy and reconciliation. But I decided to invite you along on our special day, as another way to give you hope and to tell of God’s good deeds.

There were many dark and lonely Valentine’s Days that I spent longing for companionship, wondering how things could’ve gone so wrong. But God mercifully heard our prayers, and stepped into our pain to do something we could not accomplish on our own. Today, I’m inviting you along on our special day, because I want you to know that God has not deserted you. You may not see all that He is doing, but I assure you, He is at work. Let Him know your heart. Cry out to Him for help. Lay it all out to Him.

But as you lay it out, look to Him in faith, knowing that He is good, and His plans are good. And let the testimony of what He has done in our lives serve as an encouragement to you!

[box]Many, LORD my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare (Psalm 40:5).[/box]

Don’t give up, friend, God is at work. As you lay it all out to Him, He is listening, He is able to do a redeeming work, and He cares. Keep pressing into Him, following His Word, depending on His grace and He will provide the grace you need for the path you’re on. It is hard to believe this now, but I assure you, if you could see the ending of the story God is writing in your life, there is nothing you would change.


Photo Credit: Lindsey Landrum Photography


  • Laurel

    I believe it was Gary Chapman who said that women consider special days a success if they come away with a story to tell, and men gauge success by whether they gain physical intimacy. Good to remember for both parties, and glad you’re celebrating “like kids.”

  • Julie Musil

    This is so sweet. I almost didn’t read the post, because I’m definitely in a dark season. Thanks so much for reminding us to press into Him, and to have hope. I wish you a fun, safe journey.

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Julie ~

    Thank you so much, we did have fun. The Lord brought you to mind, though, several times through the day and evening, and I was lifting you and your husband to the Father. He is faithful. I continue asking Him to do a work in your lives that is beyond what you can imagine. Praying for transformation and reconciliation. But I’m also praising the Lord that your joy and security is not dependent on that, but you are pressing into Christ–no matter what!