The Upside of Losing Control

Have you ever answered your husband’s phone call with ice in your voice? Ever told him where to park or pointed out how he could’ve chosen a better route to take on your trip? I have. Sadly, that became a regular pattern for years.

We’re sharing some practical help this week on a radio interview with Focus on the Family and I’ll have the links to those programs later in the week. Focus also published an online article we wrote for them that includes questions to ask yourself to help you assess if you or your spouse tend to be a controlling marriage partner. If you’re interested in reading more about this, you can check out the article: “The Upside of Losing Control” by clicking on this link.

I haven’t meant to be “offline” so much lately, had a lot going on, but look for a post tomorrow and more on marriage the rest of the week!

If you know someone who might need the article from Focus, I hope you’ll share this link with them!

Do you have any “controlling behaviors” you’d like to share?