Offering Practical Help for Hurting Marriages

Your marriage may be thriving, but what about your friend’s marriages? What about the many couples you come in contact with through the week—at work, on social media, in church? If you’re anything like us, you hear from a lot of hurting people, many who’ve lost all hope for their marriage. If that’s the case, I encourage you to consider passing on this resource to those friends (or using it yourself).

Today and tomorrow, LeRoy and I will be sharing some practical help for couples on the Focus on the Family radio program. You may have heard our story many times, but have you shared it with others who may be struggling in their marriage?

One suggestion we have is for couples to sit down together to listen to the program and then work through this series of questions:

  1. Do you recognize any similarities in our marriage in the ways that LeRoy and Kim relate to one another?
  1. How can I provide a safe place for you to discuss with me when you feel devalued?
  1. What do you see as a missing element in our relationship that would add to marital unity?
  1. Would you be willing for us to reach out to a spiritually mature couple who might provide some help and encouragement for us?
  1. Can we begin praying together for our marriage daily?
  1. Will you forgive me? (This question is one that needs to be asked frequently—because we all mess up, and most of us mess up more frequently than we’d like to admit! But asking forgiveness is a necessary action for developing unity.)
  1. Will you pray for me to keep my commitment to ______________________________? (Fill in the blank with something that your spouse is asking for you to do that will benefit your relationship: praying together regularly, engaging in honest communication in non-threatening ways, showing appreciation, setting aside time for regular date nights, etc.)

If you want to listen to today’s broadcast, click on this link. You can find the program here for the next 31 days, after that it can be ordered from Focus on the Family.

Please join us in praying for men and women who hear this broadcast. Ask God to give you wisdom for how to share this with friends or family members who need to hear the program. We’re asking God to reach couples who are struggling in their marriage and fill them with hope for what He can do.

Join us in asking Him to do a miraculous work?