10 Reasons to Follow a Blog

Last week, I did something I’ve never done before. I ventured far out into blog-land. I was on a mission. Moody Publishers built this website several years ago, but recently they suggested that it needs an update and a new look. It’s definitely aged a bit since it went live in 2012. (And they were kind enough not to mention that I’ve aged more than a tad since the picture on the homepage was taken back in 2011!)

That was what led me on a quest to see what is out there in the blogosphere.

I only have a few blogs that I follow regularly and I’ve stayed within those boundaries, not because I’m unwilling to discover new ones, but in a way I’ve been a “shady” blogger; I stay home and don’t get out much. I’ve not ventured into unknown territory mainly because I don’t have time to surf the net. See, when I started blogging, I didn’t even know there were such things. I “blogged” but I wasn’t even online.

My first “blogs” were actually just “handouts” on the church’s foyer table. They were random life lessons that I typed up and called “Quick Thoughts” with about a thousand words or less. I printed copies of these and left them on the table, for anyone who might want to pick one up and read it through the week. A few years after that, I started actually writing for the True Woman Blog, and at that point, I’d rarely read any blogs in my life.

Revive Our Hearts really took a chance with me; I was such a novice. It’s incredible to me to think they would do that.

This past week, as I ventured out to scan hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of websites categorized for “Christian Women,” it struck me that I’ve been fairly closed off from the rest of the blog-world. I realized that I need to get out more (it would probably grow me as a blogger).

There are some sites that I found helpful and interesting. There were posts that inspired and touched me (and some that bored me to tears). Yep, there is a lot of great free content online. And there’s a lot of really bad theology.

While I was wandering around in blog-land, I started wondering how many women are getting their main spiritual food from these websites and it challenged me to develop these guidelines.

Reasons to Follow a Blog site:

  • It stimulates me to dig into Scripture.
  • It is faithful to Scripture.
  • My love for Christ deepens as I regularly read the posts.
  • More than appealing to my emotions, the posts challenge me to think.
  • It provides spiritual encouragement that I can share with others.
  • It forms a community of like-hearted women that provide prayer support when needed.
  • It stimulates spiritual growth.
  • It provides food for thought that sends me to the Word to do further research on that topic.
  • It handles the Word carefully, not just throwing out the author’s uneducated opinions.
  • It doesn’t replace my daily time in the Word, but supports it.

As I wrote these points, they also challenge to me to write posts that fit within these guidelines. I’d like to hear your thoughts . . . Do you have blogs that you faithfully follow?

What areas do I need to improve in as a blogger?

What are some of your favorite blog sites?

Grateful to have you joining me in pursuit of spiritual growth ~


  • Joyce Griffin

    Please feel free to be in my daughters blog also. She writes biblical truth and has been featured on the CBMW website a few times.

    I enjoy your blog, I think just an overall fresh update to your blog would be refreshing to your current readers as well as attracting future readers. Similar to a fresh coat of paint in ones living room. Helps one to feel refreshed and more organized.


  • Jody

    Good morning Kim,
    What a great post and love the reasons to follow a blog. I do not read many either, but try to make myself aware of what is out there.
    I have been blogging since 2008, plodding on and off throughout the years. What I have found recently after a much needed break, is no matter if I have one reader/follower or one hundred I write to please ONE. As a personal preference I turned off comments so I could focus on that ONE rather than how I thought someone might respond or comment. It was freeing for me.I recently turned comments back on. It is joy to me helping others follow Jesus through my writing. I want to glorify God through the medium of writing, whether it is blogging, my prayer journal or a handwritten card to a friend. Blessings on you as you continue to blog and glorify God.

  • Melissa Swenson

    HI Kim,
    I have had the pleasure of listening to you and your husband discuss a fierce woman on Focus on the Family. I listened to the broadcast twice and looked up the previous broadcast from last year and listened to that too on a road trip. I am feeling let through God’s Word an prayer to lead a booktalk/online Bible study this summer. I think I am going to use a blog format. WordPress, Squarespace or Blogger…
    My question is, do you think your book, Fierce Woman could be used as a book/Bible study? Do you have any online resources/questions I could purchase? Would it meet our women in the group who are not married? Thank you for sharing your transparency and passion for God’s truth. Your words struck home to me as a fierce woman myself. I think other women would benefit from this book/study. Thanks Again, Melissa from Colorado 🙂

  • Kimberly Wagner

    Hello, Melissa ~

    Good to meet you 🙂 So thankful that God led you to that broadcast. I love living in providence and receiving what He has for us!

    I’ve had several women contact me through the years to let me know that their church has used the book for a small group study. Some have added additional material that they’ve developed themselves, but some just use the discussion questions and Scriptures listed at the end of each chapter. If you do it online, I hope you’ll send me a link, would love to pop in at some point 🙂

    I hope you’ll stay connected here on the blog, too. If you plug your email address into the “Subscribe” box, you’ll receive a blog post (almost) daily.

  • Melissa Swenson

    Thank you for the encouraging words Kimberly. We are working out the details of using a discussion format on a blog (WordPress) or using Facebook as a discussion board platform. I have and will give you full credit for your wonderful work. I have already linked your site to our advertisement/blurb for the online study! I will definitely send you the link.
    I will pray for you as you minister to women. Will you please pray for the women who join us online this summer?(We are trying to reach younger women) You can invite anyone else you like as well! 🙂
    Numbers 6:24-26
    A new Sister in Christ,
    Melissa Swenson

  • Melissa Swenson

    HI Kimberly,
    You mentioned that you might be able to drop in to one of our Fierce Women online sessions this summer.
    Please know, we fully understand if life gets you entangled… But, if you are able to join us, we would be delighted!
    Listed below are the dates we will be discussion particular chapters. Just let me know what date might work for you.
    Thank you so much!
    Online discussion:
    Wed, May 31st (chapters 1-2)
    Wed, June 7th (chapters 3-4)
    Wed, June 14th (chapters 5-6)
    Wed, June 21st (chapter 7)
    Wed, June 28th (chapter 8)
    Wed, July 5th (chapter 9)
    Wed, July 12th (chapter 10)
    Wed, July 19th (chapter 11)
    Wed, July 26th (chapter 12)

    Just tune in to :

    Thank you for opening your heart and mind to encourage fierce woman to dig in to strengthen their marriages.
    Melissa Swenson