The Comfort of Routine & the Blessing of the New

Last month, I introduced you to my niece, Katie, who has been writing (on her personal blog) about her semester studying art in Liverpool and I’m sharing some of her posts here. I think you’ll enjoy hearing her heart and traveling with her overseas for a bit. We’re behind on what’s been happening with her, and she’s actually been away longer now than what this post reflects, so let’s pop in and catch up on her!

Here’s Katie ~

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Routine can be a great thing. I always feel slightly uncomfortable when my circumstances change and there’s no routine set in place yet. As soon as I first arrived, I was ready to buy every little thing I needed, set up my room, and begin my new routine. Although it’s taken these first three weeks, I think I’m finally getting into a pretty normal schedule, at last!

I’ve started getting in bed at a more reasonable hour and waking up a little earlier; I think the jet lag is finally wearing off. That took much longer than I thought it would. I’ve also gotten more comfortable with the transportation and with preparing dinner. I’m still adjusting to how differently I need to manage my time for classes, but I think I’m starting to get a better grasp on that aspect. I even found my new favorite study spot this week.

LP 11

In settling into this new routine, I’m really thankful for the new weekly encouragement from the home group I joined, which is part of the church we’ve been attending. I need that encouragement and teaching. It’s such an act of grace from the Lord to give me a group of mature believers who look in depth at each verse that we’re studying. Having a group of witnesses for Christ, in a place where Christianity is not the most popular belief, is so refreshing. I’m excited to learn and grow from their wisdom and their love for the Lord, which I’ve already seen lived out through their love towards other people.

Living here, I’ve been reminded of the poetic picture of Christ coming into this dark world, given to us in the gospel of John:

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5).

Even though my surroundings are so different and sometimes dark here, the light of Christ still shines though things like His Church, His Word, and His Holy Spirit. Praise Him for His faithful love!


1) For God’s sustaining grace in my walk with Him.

2) That He would give me faith and boldness in His true gospel.

Thanks for keeping up with me and for praying! It seems crazy to me that I’ve already been here for three weeks!

Photo Credit: Katie Stanage