Katie’s Humbling Walk to Pride & Prejudice

My niece, Katie, has been writing about her semester studying art in Liverpool (on her personal blog) and I’m sharing some of her posts here (if you missed the others, you can put her name in the search box and find them all). I think you’ll enjoy hearing her heart and traveling with her overseas for a bit.

Here’s Katie ~

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It’s a been funny week. Long story short, I messed up my foot after walking for miles in poorly made shoes. By Tuesday, my foot was in terrible pain. Ironically enough, at the beginning of our walk to church Sunday night, I made a snide comment about my frustration when walking with people who walk slower than I’m used to, and by the end of the walk, my foot had started hurting.

For the next few days, I was the one falling behind in any group. (I’m pretty sure God was humbling me.) It was really hard to get around those first few days because we have to walk everywhere here, and I was afraid of messing up my foot worse if I overdid it, or stepped on it wrong. It’s funny how such a little detail can change so much of your week. There were a few days that I stayed home from class to give it time to recover.

I was still in pain, but Tuesday evening I went to see the theatre production of Pride and Prejudice with three friends. If there’s one thing that Pride and Prejudice has taught me about pride, it’s that it comes before a fall (or a limp). As I was getting ready to go to the play, something made a crackle sound in my foot, and it suddenly felt tighter and much more painful to put pressure on. I contemplated staying home, but I couldn’t bring myself to miss out on my first theatre production in England. So I decided to go.

Wearing a floral dress and white cardigan, I limped to and from the theatre, a few steps behind the group. I could have been mistaken for an old lady. Thankfully, my sweet friends were there to take care of me, and they bought me the anti-inflammatory medicine I needed, which has helped my foot get better within a few days. It’s doing great now, but still hasn’t reached its normal flexibility.

Staying home from class gave me an opportunity to research and study inspirational artists and get some sketching done. It’s made me realize how fun my major is. I get to save paintings on Pinterest or sketch little landscapes and call it homework. I also was able to spend enough time in the studio to finish my first pastel project, based on a photo I took in Wales.

Katie Pastel Wales

As well as realizing how fun art is, I also realized that I need to start getting more projects done, because we’re now a third of the way through the academic semester. It’s a good pair of realizations though, because I feel motivated to do more of what I enjoy!



1) That God would strengthen me in the faith and give me a heart set on His coming Kingdom.
2) For my foot to fully recover.
3) That my work would please Him.

Photo Credit: Katie Stanage

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  • Rache'l Campbell

    Enjoyed this post and the beautiful pastel! Taking the requests before the Throne of Grace!