Ready to Visit the Swiss Alps?

We’ve been enjoying several posts from my niece, Katie, who has been writing (on her personal blog) about her semester studying art in Liverpool. She’s spending time traveling during her Spring Break and her sister, Courtney, and a friend, Jeanne, have joined her. They are hiking through the Swiss Alps this week and sending us incredible pictures. I think you’ll enjoy hearing how she’s processing the experience.

Here’s Katie ~

* * * * * * *

Waking up to a preview of the awe-inspiring mountain range outside our window, I just sat there, both content in the moment and excited for the day ahead. I’m so glad to be doing what I came over here for—seeing places that are different from anything I’ve ever seen before. All I can do is just soak it in.

Yesterday I woke up early and met Courtney and Jeanne at the train station. We took a train to Manchester and then flew from there to Germany. We got there in the afternoon, rented a car, and made our way to our hostel in Switzerland. By the time we crossed the border into Switzerland, it was already dark. The whole drive we could only make out shadows of mountains, but had no idea of the view we were passing.

I knew that waking up to the view this morning would be surreal. Crawling out of my bunk and walking toward the window, more and more of the towering mountains around us were coming into view. They just keep stretching upwards. First I could see a steep hillside with beautiful log cabins scattering the lush green grass. Looking further up I saw the pine trees that cover the tops of rocky cliffs and reach down to meet the green grass. There are graceful waterfalls streaming from the sides of these cliffs. And then, still further up, you see the grey blue mountain tops that are powdered with patches of snow and are touching the misty sky. The range of mountains is so huge and vast, wrapping around the entire valley. I could never get bored of looking at all the different colors and patterns of the rock formations.

I tried not to look at too many pictures before coming, so that I would have no expectations. The experience has exceeded what I had imagined. My heart is filled with worship to God for all His power and grace I can see from the work of His hand, in the sight of His wonderful creation.

There’s so much joy in knowing God is powerful enough to make such beauty, and then to know that this is just a taste of His vast glory. We only know the beginning of it this side of heaven.

If God’s creation is this beautiful, how much more must He be?

I’m so thankful He’s given us so many ways to taste His goodness here. There’s so much of it to enjoy here and so much to look forward to in the life to come, where God is glorified forever.

Those of you who have a relationship with God through Jesus, know this joy. But this excitement is impossible for me to explain fully, if you don’t know the Lord. He has revealed His glory to us through the Bible, His Holy Word. Whether or not you know Him in this way, I hope you will seek Him out in His word and come to know Him in all His goodness and glory. There is no greater joy in life than to be in awe of the One we were created to worship.

To Him be the glory—in the creation He’s made, the faith He’s given us, and the lives He’s created us to live. What a beautiful life it is!


1) For God to be glorified in our hearts as we experience this awesome journey.

3) Safe travels for family and friends over the break.

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  • Gail

    Switzerland! A place I have always longed to see! What a beautiful descriptive post… about the beauty of the land, and of God and his Character too! Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed it very much. God bless all!