What is Your Most Urgent Need?

Today, I want to share with you a message that I gave to a group of pastors’ wives several years ago, but it is a message that applies to all of us. It’s really a prep for this week’s series on Spiritual Growth, so if you have twenty minutes, you might find it helpful.

Do you know what your most urgent need is? Your most urgent need, and mine, is to learn how to worship God.

Are you in a continual state of worship?

Would you like to learn how to cultivate that discipline?

Click here to link to the Mp3 message from Revive ’11.

I shared this message at the Revive ’11 conference. If you’ve never been to one of the Revive conferences, I encourage you to check it out at this link. This year’s focus is discipleship: “Adorned: Women Mentoring Women the Titus 2 Way” and it’s going to be a meaty and inspiring event!

I’ll be there and hope you’ll make a plan to come, too! Get the early ticket price through May 1st.