Let Summer Be Your Growing Season!

Do you have plans to join a Bible Study group this summer? I’m grateful to be involved with Bible Study Fellowship during the fall, winter, and spring, but spiritual growth doesn’t need to take a break through the summer, in fact, the summer can be a time when your time in the Word can thrive!

This summer, I’m leading a group at our church through Titus chapter 2, using Nancy Wolgemuth’s book: Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together.

Why did I choose this for our summer study? Because . . .

This is the discipleship resource that every woman needs.

If you’ve never had the privilege of being discipled by a spiritually mature woman, I hope you’ll take advantage of the training you can receive from this book. The best form of discipleship is life-on-life, and that’s what this book prepares you to do. But if you’ve never had a woman serve as a truth-speaker in your life, Nancy can be that older woman and speak into your life through Adorned.

If you don’t have plans for a summer study yet, I hope you’ll consider using this as your resource for growth this summer! Invite a few women to join you, or maybe share this with your church’s women’s leadership and ask about using it at your church.

I have at least 100 reasons that every woman should read this book, but this is my top 20:

  1. Adorned lays out the incredible journey of womanhood and explains how to present Christ’s love and truth in a way that is beautiful and visible to those who know you.
  2. Adorned is a woman’s hands-on-manual for doing life, no matter your age or your marital status.
  3. Adorned dismantles the idea that biblical womanhood is a legalistic, joyless, fault-finding, narrow-minded prescription for women.
  4. Adorned doesn’t leave you feeling condemned or defeated, but graciously inspires you to “teach out of what God showed you when you messed up.”
  5. Adorned is written in a way that feels like you’re sitting in Nancy’s living room and she’s answering every question you’ve ever had about relationships and biblical womanhood.
  6. Adorned motivates and inspires women to live out the gospel “together” by explaining and emphasizing the need for sisterhood within community.
  7. Adorned is full of practical content to use in coming alongside another woman as a truth-speaker in her life—even if you’ve never had a woman personally disciple you.
  8. Adorned provides the biblical template for establishing long-term and fruitful discipleship relationships between women.
  9. Adorned isn’t a boring book of theoretical propositions, but is packed full of real life stories of women who are living out the truth and beauty of the gospel.
  10. Adorned hands you a road map for navigating the terrain of Titus 2 in our own era and cultural context, without a one-way-only approach to living out womanhood.
  11. Adorned is the resource you will turn to repeatedly, through every season of womanhood, to refocus and realign your heart with God’s calling for your life.
  12. Adorned gives practical instruction for bringing eternal realities into your daily activities.
  13. Adorned is the resource you’ve been looking for, if you desire to learn how to live out the beauty of the gospel with others.
  14. Adorned effectively tackles tough issues that every woman grapples with: sex, love, self-control, relationships, and pretty much anything you’d want to ask a spiritually mature woman.
  15. Adorned presents a counter-cultural curriculum for women that is meaty and inspiring, by covering every aspect of the instructions to women in Titus 2 in a theologically sound and spiritually motivating manner.
  16. Adorned is the fruit of one woman’s life-long pursuit (including her struggles) to faithfully apply God’s truth and the lessons she’s learned along the way.
  17. Adorned challenges us with the truth that: “The woman you will be in ten or twenty or fifty years is being determined by the woman you are this week.”
  18. Adorned reminds you that you’ve been “set apart by God for sacred service” and stirs your desire to live that out!
  19. Adorned will challenge your thinking patterns and motivate you to live for God’s glory in all areas of your life.
  20. Adorned contains the message that I am praying the daughters of our generation will pass on to their daughters!

The Miriam Webster dictionary defines “Magnum Opus” as a “great work; especially the greatest achievement of an artist or writer.” I would define Adorned as Nancy’s Magnum Opus . . . at least so far. This is her twentieth book, and there are more to come (hopefully), but this is indeed her legacy work; her gift to her global sisterhood.

This video gives a glimpse into why Nancy wrote this book. I hope you’ll consider diving into this, or some kind of study, that can add to your growth this summer!


  • Gail

    Just wondering, will you also be teaching this on line here? Sounds wonderful! Would love to be at the conference,but this year will have to watch online if I can! It is just not the same as being there though! God bless you for caring for so many! I would love to join you at your church for this study! May your study be full of love and help, and all for the Glory of Jesus! Thank you for your posts!

  • Rache'l Campbell

    I found “Adorned” to be such a helpful tool in helping me live out the Titus 2 role in practical ways. I highly recommended this book to Christian women of all ages! Looking forward to the conference this fall! Always keeping you and your ministry before the Throne of Grace Kim!🙏❤️

  • Erin Petetd

    Thanks for the recommendation, Kim! I have been pondering my summer reading/studying list and will definitely be adding this to the top!

  • Erin Peters

    Thanks for the recommendation, Kim! I have been pondering my summer reading/studying list and will definitely be adding this to the top!

  • Tami

    Sounds great! I would also be interested in it being taught here so we could follow along with you.